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Cut energy costs and increase performance with efficient IT
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Use hybrid cloud strategies to streamline

With electricity, you want enough capacity to get the job done, but not so much that you’re wasting it when not using it. Use hybrid cloud and AI to streamline operations, save energy and increase performance, making sustainability a true business driver—while delivering a return on your investment.

Benefits Energy efficiency

Reduce your traditional infrastructure’s footprint by consolidating workloads and using resources more efficiently.

Optimized operations

Achieve more sustainable IT operations by observing, managing and automating IT and application resources.

Greater integration

Migrate energy-optimized workloads to a hybrid cloud with more efficient software and help reduce resources.

Products With IBM, you get the tools to find your energy “sweet spot.” We partner with organizations to consolidate resources, cut costs and optimize systems. Our hybrid cloud and AI solutions can tie together on-premises and data center optimization to help you reach your sustainability goals. Reduce your footprint

IBM® LinuxONE Rockhopper 4 servers can reduce energy consumption by 75% and space by 67% (when compared to the same workloads on x86 servers with similar conditions and location).1  With energy efficient data centers, consolidated workloads and improved infrastructure, you can save money and lessen your footprint.

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Automate your energy use

With IBM® Turbonomic®, automate your energy use to improve energy efficiency. Measure, analyze and intelligently manage resources to ensure applications always consume exactly what they need.

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Simplify data management

Get market-leading performance and efficiency from the unified IBM Storage FlashSystem platform family, allowing you to streamline administration and operational complexity across on-premises, hybrid cloud and containerized environments.

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Case studies   

Learn why Citibank chose IBM LinuxONE to drive the transition to a low-carbon economy and make sustainability a business priority.

IBM Hursley uses automation to drive innovation

Read how IBM Hursley, a cloud-based data center, uses IBM Turbonomic to minimize its environmental impact.

Orange Caraïbe reduces energy and increases performance

Learn how Orange Caraïbe’s 94% reduction in energy usage and 98% decrease in rack-space requirements has boosted overall efficiency.

Resources    IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator now in general availability

Created in collaboration with Intel and IBM Research, our AI-informed, standards-based dashboard allows clients to access emissions data across various IBM Cloud workloads with just one click.

IBM LinuxONE Delivers Performance and Cost Benefits

Consolidation—without sacrificing performance, security, openness or reliability. Download the analyst report to see the cost savings with IBM LinuxONE.

Operationalize Sustainable IT with IBM Turbonomic

Meet IBM Turbonomic, a new dashboard that helps IT Operations meet efficiency goals.

The power of green coding as a catalyst for your sustainability initiatives

Learn how environmentally-conscious organizations can use green coding to drive long-term success.

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1 Compared IBM Machine Type 3932 Max 68 model consisting of a CPC drawer and an I/O drawer to support network and external storage with 68 IFLs and 7 TB of memory in 1 frame versus compared 36 x86 servers (2 Skylake Xeon Gold Chips, 40 Cores) with a total of 1440 cores. IBM Machine Type 3932 Max 68 model power consumption was measured on systems and confirmed using the IBM Power estimator for the IBM Machine Type 3932 Max 68 model configuration. x86 power values were based on Feb. 2023 IDC QPI power values and reduced to 55% based on measurements of x86 servers by IBM and observed values in the field. The x86 server compared to uses approximately .6083 KWhr, 55% of IDC QPI system watts value. Savings assumes the Worldwide Data Center Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) factor of 1.55 to calculate the additional power needed for cooling. PUE is based on Uptime Institute 2022 Global Data Center Survey (link resides outside of IBM.com). x86 system space calculations require 3 racks. Results may vary based on client-specific usage and location.