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Discover IBM Garage

Discover IBM Garage

New priorities

Today's reality has made it necessary for companies to find new ways to re-frame what's important and re-think how they work. Along with goals for business success, common priorities now also include things like workplace safety, cost management, supply chain and customer retention — all while continuing to support and deliver for customers. That's a lot to address all at once, and formidable if you're facing gaps in technology or expertise.

We got this.

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Discover IBM Garage

The simple answer to complex problems

IBM Garage was created to kick-start impossible business solutions with purpose and speed through any disruption. From single apps to enterprise transformation, IBM Garage sees your outcome and gets your journey mapped out and underway in just days, not months.

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Discover IBM Garage

Once optional, now fundamental

IBM pioneered the integration of design and agile practices in the enterprise and IBM Garage is where that comes to life. IBM Garage is a true partnership rooted in collaborative consulting. The ultimate outcome of your IBM Garage experience is the ongoing ability for you to operate with the skills, technology and confidence you need, at startup speed, with enterprise scale, and we help grow the skills of your team while transforming how you work.

Continue to see how that happens.

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Step inside

Step inside

Formula for success

IBM Garage brings Enterprise Design Thinking, our industry-leading IBM Garage Methodology and IBM's multidisciplinary experts in full force from the start. We assemble a squad with your diverse stakeholders and together identify and prioritize your issues at hand.

Using tools, technology and data insights from your own users and market influences, the team hits the ground running with a single vision, making and acting on informed decisions at pace with the speed of change.

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Step inside

Workshop it out

It begins with a two-hour IBM Garage Framing Session to dissect the problem, generate wild ideas and pressure-test concepts. A design thinking workshop pinpoints a strategic outcome for the maximum business value, then Garage developers work with yours to turn scribbles and sketches into functioning code.

Our iterative process produces fast code reviews, sprinting toward a minimum viable product (MVP) ready to deliver that real business value.

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Step inside

What will your customers think?

Don't worry, we'll find out. Everything we do in the Garage is grounded in the needs and wants of your actual users. We stand up remote user testing and feedback sessions to gather insights that matter, often within hours, steering your project through seamless pivots to stay on target.

You'll know when you're on to something.

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Step inside

Architecting for scale

Hardening your completed MVP is the next natural step. We bring in IBMers with a deep understanding of the eventual requirements of global scale to help you scale your solution with resiliency and security, and to make sure your solution meets usage and compliance requirements.

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Step inside

Scaling an agile culture

Cultivate lessons-learned from your IBM Garage success in other aspects of your business. Cultural changes from using agile practices, a human-centric approach and digital transformation technologies will have your entire organization owning the skills, motivation, flexibility and confidence to meet current and future challenges head on.

IBM Garage is here to help you get there.

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Step inside

When the world needs technology at scale applied to a really hard problem, they call IBM, and that's exactly what we did.

James McMahon, CEO, The Climate Service

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Turn ideas into results — fast

Turn ideas into results — fast

Embrace the reality of virtual

Working virtually isn't new to us and many companies are surprised to learn what's possible when face-to-face working is limited. IBM Garage has already helped more than 3,000 companies this way, driving digital reinvention enabled by hybrid cloud and AI.

We instill productivity with remote design, development, testing and feedback activities that inspire and generate confidence for your virtual team. The experience they get with IBM Garage helps them deliver high-value outcomes at speed and scale — now and later.

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Turn ideas into results — fast

By keeping that virtual cadence, but keeping it the same cadence we had before, frankly, we haven't missed a beat. If anything, we've accelerated.

Michael Lindsey, Chief Transformation and Strategy Officer, Frito-Lay

Turn ideas into results — fast

Zero in on what matters right now

Where and how you begin is key. Maybe you:

  • Have an opportunity but don't know how to start.
  • Know what you need but don't know how to make it real.
  • Have what you need but don't know how to scale it.
  • Need to change dramatically but just don't know how.

IBM Garage helps you prioritize for urgency and impact. Identify what you need to do now, not six months from now.  We work with you to deliver that solution remarkably fast, whether working collocated, distributed or both.

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Turn ideas into results — fast

The next level of collaboration

IBM Garage is your partner. We do the work with you, not for you.

  • We co-create a vision of your future success, whether it be a new product or an entirely new business model.
  • We co-execute the development of your MVP through strategy, design and rapid agile development practices.
  • We co-operate to mature your outcome to meet the requirements of scale, both from an operational and cultural point of view.

More than collaboration, this is co-innovation.

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Turn ideas into results — fast

Get quick results with real value

IBM Garage brings exclusive accelerators — like reference architectures, an advanced code repository and a value measurement framework — to minimize complexity, expedite development and show value at every step. The IBM Garage Methodology of seamlessly integrated proven agile practices guides your solution from idea to implementation to scale, no matter the size, and no matter how dispersed your team is.

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Turn ideas into results — fast

How we apply technology

Technology is the enabler of innovation, not the driver of innovation. That means we bring in the right technology at the right time to achieve your outcome. We major in hybrid cloud, the essential, smarter architecture for enterprise IT. In addition, our fluency with AI, DevOps, blockchain, security, data science, IoT and many more gives you several options from IBM's product, services and technology portfolios to test boundaries, unlock insights and build solutions.

Dream big. We can make it happen.

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Turn ideas into results — fast

The biggest takeaway is the technology itself . . . We plan to use both the technical and development approach that we’ve learned from the IBM Garage team to modernize the rest of our applications. The IBM Garage was a truly transformative process.

Aline Yurick, Director of Software Engineering, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Modernization and cloud innovation lead to cultural shift at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
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Scale, strengthen, secure

Scale, strengthen, secure

Scale is not an afterthought

IBM Garage has an established process for ensuring solutions are built and implemented to sustain all the critical aspects of rapid scaling and high availability, right from the get-go. This enables us to move fast while ensuring your solution also meets security, compliance and other non-functional requirements.

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Scale, strengthen, secure

The power to do the job

Many industries, platforms and compliance bodies dictate specific infrastructure requirements. IBM Garage solution engineers have developed industry-, platform- and use case-based reference architectures to help you establish the absolute right foundation. You'll also be able to pivot and grow as your market changes.

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Scale, strengthen, secure

A bedrock of integrity

Your solution is built secure and operational, developed with security-as-code collaboration, site reliability engineering (SRE) and DevOps practices that programmatically accommodate operational tasks and safeguards. The result is security that scales and adapts with the dynamic requirements of the solution and the environment.

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Scale, strengthen, secure

IBM finds exactly the people who can deliver what you need, and this was the greatest value of the IBM Garage for me.

Alex Migitko, Founder,

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Let’s make it happen

Find out what you can accomplish with the IBM Garage — by actually accomplishing something with the IBM Garage.

Join us for a free two-hour virtual IBM Garage Framing Session. We'll pair your team with IBM Garage experts and use design thinking and online collaboration tools to identify, prioritize and re-frame your business challenges into real opportunities. Get clarity on your critical needs and discover what you can do right now for the most value and greatest impact.

Get started now.

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