How can you make the case for observability to your entire organization?
05: The implementation

Build a business case for application observability

Application observability delivers more efficiency and productivity, which translates to an organization’s bottom line.

A Forrester study (commissioned by IBM) found that combining AIOps and observability can reduce MTTR (mean time to repair) by 50%, Forrester also noted that when organizations reduced unplanned application downtime, they increased availability for revenue-generating applications by 15%. Other benefits noted by this study include:

  • Reduced the number of incidents experienced by 50%
  • Eliminated 80% of the time spent remediating false-positive incidents
  • Reduced unplanned application downtime
  • Increased visibility into application performance
  • Reduced time to fix issues by 75%

Additionally, because observability offers a more comprehensive view, it can help deliver optimal performance of business-critical applications, networks, systems, and even data pipelines. That creates greater efficiencies and exceptional experiences for customers and employees alike.

Set your employees up for success with defined KPIs

Digitally transforming an organization can be challenging, and resistance to new technologies isn’t uncommon. To successfully introduce observability or other AI-based solutions, you need a corporate culture that is open to and accepting of increased automation as a part of employees’ work.

Start by defining the KPIs and what success means for your organization. Otherwise, all the collected and analyzed data will become meaningless without baselines and benchmarks.

Then, make sure your employees understand how automation and observability can take some of the burden from them and transform the way they work. For example, how much time did dedicated teams spend finding and fixing problems? What could they accomplish instead? One of the biggest employee-focused benefits of automation is the return of precious time to accomplish more meaningful work.

Schedule an innovation workshop to build out your strategy

Every enterprise has its own unique needs and situations. Yet no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey – and given how rapidly technology changes – automation and observability are always available to elevate your business.

That’s why IBM offers customized, no-cost consultations with IBM experts. These workshops will show you where these technologies are heading, teach you industry best practices, lead you through a design-thinking session, and help you create an action plan tailored for your business.

What does IBM offer to make observability a reality for you?

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Learn what IBM offers to make observability a reality for you.

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