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Chapter 01

If there was ever a time for automation in the enterprise to show its worth, that time is now.

Across industries, organizations are grappling with challenges ranging from soaring inflation to labor shortages and disaffected employees. As costs spiral and workforces shrink, robotic process automation (RPA) offers a way to do more with less – boosting productivity, speeding up processes, and freeing talented employees to do more of the work they love.

At least, that’s the ideal scenario. But in reality, between 30 and 50 percent of RPA projects fail, according to EY.¹ Software bots may deliver quick wins in small corners of the business, but not the kind of continuous, enterprise-wide optimization that organizations need to navigate current challenges and stay competitive into the future.

Senior leaders may feel they’re all out of ideas. If RPA isn’t the answer, what is?

RPA is still the answer – especially when it’s used together with Process Mining

The truth is that RPA is the answer, but it can’t do it all alone. The full benefit comes when RPA is deployed in a two-step approach with another powerful software tool: Process Mining.

Together, Process Mining and RPA can release millions of dollars of hidden value – not just once, but continuously. This paper shows how it works, how organizations are benefiting, and how you can get started fast—and scale—with Process Mining and RPA in your own business.

The transformational power of RPA

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The transformational power of RPA.

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Ch. 2: The transformational power of RPA Ch. 3: Bring visibility, governance and scalability to RPA with Process Mining Ch. 4: Process Mining and RPA: The automation power couple Ch. 5: Getting started with IBM Process Mining and RPA Ch. 6: Take the first steps to transformational automation today