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Ensuring the continuous availability of platforms and services is daunting as businesses experience increasing demands for digital transformation and modernization. For optimum management, performance and delivery, central IT operations (ITOps) leaders must be able to provide their team an understanding of the status of an organization’s computing, networking, storage and application resources. IT Operations Management-as-a-Service (ITOMaaS) addresses the dynamic delivery of the modern IT organization’s functions and responsibilities through the accessibility of a SaaS product.

ITOMaaS helps central ITOps leaders do their job more efficiently by empowering their IT teams with a holistic view of their IT environments for improved incident resolution. It gives central ITOps teams management of their enterprise IT estate to increase availability and reduce incident costs, while providing the status of its overall health and resources. With ITOMaaS, operators can triage and address incidents through seamless team collaboration.

ITOM market datapoints


A 2022 EMA Research Report found that 40.6% of IT professionals cite gaps in end-to-end visibility as the biggest challenge to delivering high-quality IT service.¹


IT as a strategic function: 35% of IT professionals report that digital transformation is elevating and changing the role of IT in their organization.²


Organizations with IT teams that understand the needs of customers will outperform other organizations' metrics by 20%.³

Use cases

Respond faster, reduce costs

ITOM-as-a-Service provides topology-led event and incident management capabilities that enable central IT operations teams to detect, identify and collaborate on incidents more quickly and drive more efficient incident resolution.


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Next steps

Join us

We’re seeking early feedback to improve ITOMaaS. ITOps leaders are invited to join the waitlist and gain exclusive access to the ITOMaaS alpha. Work closely with our design, development and product teams to test the product before it becomes publicly available.


¹,² AI service automation: ITSM and ITOps convergence (PDF, 6.9 MB), EMA, March 2022

³ Your Customer Experience Needs an Experience Membrane (link resides outside ibm.com), Gartner, 12 May 2022