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The most popular quantum software, now even more powerful

Bringing useful quantum

to the world

Our users access the largest quantum computing fleet in the world through Qiskit Runtime—our quantum computing service and programming model for utility.

Making the world
quantum safe

Quantum computers make most of the world’s existing encryption algorithms obsolete. IBM developed many of the foundational technologies that will secure the world in the quantum era, and now offers the tools and services needed to implement them.

Start using 127-qubit systems for free

IBM Quantum Platform provides access to systems, documentation, and learning resources all in one place. Sign up today to get 10 free minutes of execution time per month on our utility-scale systems.

Preview of the IBM Quantum Platform on different devices

Our commitment to responsible quantum computing

We defined a set of principles to ensure the responsible development, deployment, and use of quantum computing technologies at IBM and beyond.

Vector illustration of a diverse group of individuals working in front of the IBM Quantum System Two

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There are 270+ Fortune 500 companies, universities, laboratories and startups in the Network, with access to exclusive meetings and select channels. IBM Quantum Network members collaborate widely, and benefit from close working relationships with our in-house experts.

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