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    Quantum Error Correction Summer School 2022

    Bringing together the best and brightest students in QEC. July 5, 2022 to July 30, 2022.


    Finding and correcting errors is among the most important obstacles keeping quantum computers from reaching their full potential, one that researchers around the world are working to overcome. We invite you to apply for a chance this summer to study quantum error correction and contribute to solving this grand challenge.

    The 2022 Quantum Error Correction (QEC) Summer School will be a month long in-person event. The school will bring together the next generation of QEC researchers to participate in a series of mini-courses on both foundational topics and the latest theoretical and experimental results, and offer opportunities to collaborate with others in the QEC community. The aim of the QEC Summer School is to give participants a working knowledge of QEC, as well as some of the latest results in selected areas. This will empower students to contribute to cutting-edge research that will benefit the quantum computing industry and the world.

    The program includes invited talks from various leading QEC researchers. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and present their own work. Most potential students will be pursuing a graduate degree in a mathematical science (mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science) and will be interested in experimental and/or theoretical aspects of QEC.

    All local expenses for successful applicants will be covered thanks to IBM’s full sponsorship of this summer school. We’re working to minimize any barriers for qualified applicants hoping to attend this event, especially individuals from groups that have been underrepresented in the sciences. Further funds or accommodations may also be available for a select number of participants in need of travel assistance or with circumstances preventing them from traveling to New York. Contact ( [at] us dot ibm dot com) for more information.

    Summer school applications are now closed. All applicants have been notified by email of their application results.


    Theory Topics

    • QEC - Foundations
      Steve Flammia, AWS
    • Bosonic Codes - Foundations
      Shruti Puri, Yale University
      Arne Grimsmo, AWS
    • Fault Tolerance - Logical Gates
      Ben Brown, IBM Quantum
      Daniel Litinski, PsiQuantum
    • Decoding - Current Directions
      Christopher Chubb, ETH Zurich
      Earl Campbell, Riverlane
    • LDPC Codes - Current Directions
      Nikolas Breuckmann, UCL
      Nicolas Delfosse, Microsoft

    Experimental Topics

    • Experimental QEC - Superconducting Qubits
      Maika Takita, IBM Quantum
      Antonio Córcoles, IBM Quantum
      Andreas Wallraff, ETH Zurich
    • Experimental QEC - Bosonic Codes
      Michel Devoret (Intro), Yale University
      Alec Eickbusch, Yale University
      Volodymyr Sivak, Yale University
    • Experimental QEC - Trapped Ions
      Ken Brown, Duke University
      Ciaran Ryan-Anderson, Quantinuum

    Programming Topics

    • Programming Decoders
      James Wootton, IBM Quantum
    • Programming QEC Simulations
      Andrew Cross, IBM Quantum

    Invited speakers

    • Dan Gottesman
      University of Maryland
    • Chen Wang
      UMass Amherst
    • Aleksander Kubica
    • Michael Vasmer
      Perimeter Institute
    • Sergey Bravyi
      IBM Quantum

    • More to be announced.
    • Guanyu Zhu
      IBM Quantum
    • Ted Yoder
      IBM Quantum
    • Liang Jiang
      University of Chicago
    • Leo DiCarlo
      TU Delft
    • Anirudh Krishna
      Stanford University
    • Natalie Brown
    • Vikesh Siddhu
      IBM Quantum
    • Craig Gidney

    Location & accommodations


    The 2022 IBM Quantum Error Correction Summer School will take place in person at the Tarrytown House Estate in Tarrytown, New York, United States of America.

    Learn more about the Tarrytown House Estate.

    Meals & accommodations

    All costs for accommodations, meals, and travel from local airports to the summer school location will be covered by IBM.

    Participants are expected to request funding from a sponsoring institution or researcher to cover travel from their home locations to one of the two New York City airports or Newark Liberty International.

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    Organizing committee

    • Niko Breuckmann
      University College London
    • Ben Brown
      IBM Quantum
    • Ken Brown
      Duke University
    • Andrew Cross
      IBM Quantum
    • Yvonne Y. Gao
      University of Singapore
    • Tomas Jochym-O'Connor
      IBM Quantum
    • Shruti Puri
      Yale University
    • Barbara Terhal
      Delft University
    • Drew Vandeth
      IBM Quantum


    What is your COVID-19 policy?

    Participants must be fully vaccinated and up to date on any booster vaccines for COVID-19 and comply with all U.S. laws and regulations for individuals entering the United States. Participants will be sent detailed COVID-19 information after registration. COVID-19 protocols may be updated at any time.

    • Masks are required at all times outside of your hotel room, except while actively eating or drinking
    • Attendees must be fully vaccinated and Up to Date per CDC with vaccines approved by the CDC or WHO
    • COVID-19 tests will be available on-site
    • Conduct daily health screening and isolate at the hotel if feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms. At any given time there may be colds, flu and COVID-19 variants circulating, so it’s important not to expose others when you have any symptoms or are feeling unwell
    • Maintain social distancing of 6 feet
    • Continue hand washing hygiene and cough etiquette
    • The venue will have enhanced cleaning, ventilation and other building protocols
    • Required medical exceptions will be accommodated

    What is your diversity policy?

    Diversity and inclusion are part of IBM’s DNA. We ensure everyone feels welcome and valued for who they are. More than just joining a team; it’s about openness, collaboration, trust, and the invitation and expectation of thriving, having a voice, being active and part of creating IBM’s future. At IBM, we celebrate diversity of thought and experience in everything we do. Together, we inspire, innovate and change the world. Find out more about why we are leading the way in Diversity & Inclusion across the globe. To learn more visit:

    What is your code of conduct?

    IBM and the QEC Summer School are dedicated to our values of treating every individual with respect and dignity. In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, all participants, including attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, online contributors, and IBM employees are expected to show courtesy for each other and our community by creating a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, personal appearance, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, body size, level of experience, nationality, race, religion, caste, or sexual identity and orientation. Expected behavior applies to both online and offline engagement within the community. Read our full Code of Conduct.