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    Quantum for Educators

    Our mission depends on supporting quantum educators. This program helps teachers in the burgeoning quantum computing field connect with one another. And it provides the learning resources, tools, and systems access they need to provide quality educational experiences.

    Open Plan

    Run your first quantum circuits for free on cloud simulators and real quantum systems. Take advantage of the same feature-rich tools included in our Premium Plan.

    • Use free cloud simulators (Statevector, MPS, Stabilizer)
    • Access real 7-qubit and 5-qubit QPUs
    • Build circuits in IBM Quantum Composer, IBM Quantum Lab, and Qiskit
    • Execute workloads more efficiently in Qiskit Runtime

    Join our Educators Program

    Gain access to advanced systems through our Open Plan, and become part of a global community of quantum educators. Benefits include:

    • Reserve time during which your jobs jump to the front of the queue through Priority Mode
    • A larger piece of the fair-share queue to support in-class demonstrations
    • Pulse access to teach quantum computing with full microwave control
    • Access to a private Slack channel with other quantum educators

    Note: You will be asked to sign in or to create an IBM Quantum account before signup.