IBM Quantum Services

IBM Quantum Services gives you a secure, portable, containerized runtime and programming tools to access the latest world-leading cloud-based quantum systems and simulators via the IBM Cloud.

Continue advancing your work across the entire quantum computing stack using pre-built application models accessible via the cloud.


Over 20 Quantum systems available

Access the most powerful commercially available quantum systems in the world. Hardware, systems, simulators, and programs are available through our containerized cloud runtime service, with tiers tailored to every need.

Ready-made services, tools and APIs

Access underlying APIs and stay up-to-date with our API reference guide. Engage with the latest suite of programming tools. Get the functionality you need to drive higher quality research and scientific output.

Run circuits faster

Develop new models with our cloud-based quantum runtime for drastically improved capacity. Open up new avenues for exploration with exponentially higher performance.

Cloud System Access Tiers

IBM Quantum Services enables researchers and developers to access IBM Quantum open systems, and gain access to premium quantum computer services through our cloud system access tiers:

Open Access

Open Access to multiple quantum computing systems available through the public cloud.

Advanced Access

Advanced Access for select users to IBM Quantum's open and additional systems with greater qubit count and capacity.

Premium Access

Premium Access to IBM’s most advanced quantum computing systems via subscription to an allotment of priority hours.


Our roadmap to the future of quantum computing

It took classical computing decades to go from individually programmed logic gates to the sophisticated cloud-based services of today.

IBM Quantum will do the same for quantum computing in the next 3 years, empowering developers to incorporate quantum workflows delivered frictionlessly over the cloud. Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself with our Development Roadmap.

Quantum services case study

Taming the monster of maritime logistics

ExxonMobil plans to solve the logistical impossibility of moving the world’s cleanest-burning fuel across the globe in partnership with IBM Quantum.

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Read the latest quantum news

Stay up to date with the latest news, research and events in quantum computing.

Quantum computing research

Learn from experts in experimentation, theory, and quantum computing science.

What is quantum computing?

Learn quantum computing fundamentals – basic use cases, how they work and current applications.

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