Quantum Undergraduate
Research at IBM and Princeton (QURIP) Internships

Quantum Undergraduate Research at IBM and Princeton is a unique summer undergraduate research program that combines academic research in quantum science and engineering at Princeton with industry experience at IBM Quantum in the TJ Watson Research Laboratory. The program spans a total of 12 weeks, starting with six weeks at Princeton followed by another six weeks hosted at IBM Quantum.

In the first half of the program, students will be able to work with any faculty in Quantum Science and Engineering at Princeton. These groups span a wide range of disciplines, from quantum materials, condensed matter physics, and atomic physics to quantum information, algorithms, and architecture. More information can be found at quantum.princeton.edu.

Next, students will spend time with IBM Quantum, performing cutting-edge translational research. Students will engage in research across a broad range of quantum computing areas. Possible topics include quantum applications, error correction, circuit compilation, hardware characterization and benchmarking in Qiskit, and quantum computing-related hardware analysis and design.

This fast-paced, intensive, and highly selective program will also feature seminars and research exchanges among the whole quantum research community at Princeton and IBM, creating a unique interdisciplinary community at the forefront of quantum computing research. We seek candidates that are well-positioned to take advantage of this intensive program, such as students with prior research experience and a strong academic record.

QURIP is supported in part by the Princeton Quantum Initiative and the Princeton Institute of Materials.

5 reasons to apply
  • Unique opportunity to do both academic and industry summer research
  • Close mentorship at Princeton and IBM Quantum
  • Broad experience in quantum research, from fundamental to applied
  • Access to state-of-the-art quantum processors and devices at IBM
  • Training in Qiskit



January 15, 2022

Stipend and Housing

Provided by Princeton and IBM Quantum


US citizens and permanent residents
Students enrolled in undergraduate study at the time of their application to the QURIP program

Program dates

Starts (depending on academic calendar):

June 6, 2022 or June 13, 2022

Ends (depending on academic calendar):

August 26, 2022 or September 2, 2022


  • One recomendation letter
  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • Personal Statement