IBM Quantum Case Studies

Learn why companies and institutions are partnering with IBM for quantum computing innovation.

Case studies

Learn about our IBM Quantum Network partners who are exploring how quantum can advance industry applications


Crafting the future of electric vehicles

Daimler envisions a new generation of electric vehicles through quantum battery technology.


Taming the monster of maritime logistics

ExxonMobil strives to move the world’s cleanest-burning fuel across the globe which is a puzzle that demands a quantum solution.


The quest to understand what sews the universe together

CERN is Searching for Higgs events and the origins of the universe.

Mitsubishi Chemical, JSR, Keio University

Redefining luminescence

IBM partners with JSR, Mitsubishi Chemical, and Keio University to explore new forms of light with quantum computing.

Mitsubishi Chemical

In quantum pursuit of game-changing power sources

Mitsubishi Chemical is applying quantum computing to help develop lithium oxygen batteries with greater energy density.

The Quantum Decade

The Quantum Decade is here. Are you ready?

In the next 10 years, quantum computing will transform business and society. Organizations that don't act now will be left behind.