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What IBM Tivoli Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm can do for you

IBM® Tivoli® Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm™ and IBM Tivoli Advanced Reporting for DFSMShsm work together to help organizations facilitate a healthy DFSMShsm environment and provide reliability, scalability, and availability with vital components of the IBM z/OS® storage management portfolio.


Improve productivity and resource use

Benefit from a healthy DFSMShsm™ environment.

Protect the integrity of your data sets

Conduct trouble-free audits and automate corrective actions.

Gather critical information

Leverage powerful reporting capabilities to gain a more complete view into your DFSMShsm environment.

Perform tasks without disruption

Execute monitoring and management tasks non-disruptively, without straining your DFSMShsm system resources.

Use a single interface

Consolidate data views and activities in a single user interface through integration with IBM Tivoli® Enterprise Portal.

Help administrators manage complex data

Provide them a portfolio of data views, reports, filters and other tools to process data sets.