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What it can do for your business

Data APIs within the IBM® Environmental Intelligence Suite tap into the breadth and depth of climate, environment and weather data to provide current and forecasted conditions, seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts, lifestyle indices, severe weather and historical weather data for analysis. The packages are curated to give you only what you need in the format you need it, and you can use them quickly and easily by accessing data APIs through the cloud. By applying advanced analytics to a combination of business data and weather data such as alerts and notifications, forecast data and weather imagery, you can build the foundation for informed enterprise decision-making.

Data APIs are bundled together in standard and premium plans.

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Benefits of Data APIs

Optimize operations

Tap into historical, current and forecasted data APIs to better mitigate disruptions to your operations and bring efficiency into your business processes while reducing costs.

Increase revenue and profit

Forecast business growth in the face of climate change by anticipating customer demands, connecting sales to forecasted outcomes, and driving improved organizational performance.

Reduce risk

Stay ahead of adverse weather conditions, seasons and other weather patterns with near real-time weather data that helps you protect assets, employees and customers while mitigating business risks.

Standard APIs

  • Core — Access many of the most essential weather APIs, ranging from current conditions and forecasts to radar and satellite data. Current conditions include site-based current observations and time series observations.
  • Enhanced current conditions — Leverage data from one of the highest-resolution weather observation networks, based on a robust network of personal weather stations and traditional data sources (METAR and SYNOP). Includes a Currents on Demand solution.
  • Enhanced forecast — Use forecast models built using leading-edge model forecasting, expertise from over 100 meteorologists, and a network of observations, radar, and satellite assimilations and modelling capabilities.
  • Lifestyle indices — Relates to matters such as air quality, pollen, flu outbreaks, tides, aches and pains, breathing, dry skin, frizz, static electricity, frost potential, heating and cooling, golf, leisure travel, running, skiing, and mosquito activity.
  • Historical weather data — Grasp weather’s impact on your business and better manage future outcomes with the industry’s most precisely accurate historical record of weather data. Includes hourly values for a wide range of atmospheric and weather factors.

Premium APIs

  • Geospatial currents and forecast — Leverage our 4-km resolution variables for currents and forecast, request KML or GeoJSON results back to integrate into GIS platforms for mass data analysis or consumption.
  • Severe weather — Obtain real-time severe weather data related to tornadoes, high winds and hurricanes to assist you in protecting your assets, by allowing you to stay ahead of adverse weather conditions and assess trailing damage estimates.
  • Seasonal and subseasonal forecasts — Plan for market shifts with forecasts that offer a comprehensive view of anticipated temperature and precipitation anomalies, as projected over three timeframes: the next 3 – 5 weeks; 1 – 4 months; and 1 – 7-months.
  • Probabilistic — Make more informed decisions with the Probabilistic Forecast that helps users understand the likelihood of various weather events happening and their potential impact.
  • Renewables — Predict and assess key weather parameter impacts on renewable energy production and efficiency.
  • Agriculture — Make informed decisions with a robust set of agricultural specific APIs providing hourly forecasts out to 15 days, built using a weighted blend of the following weather models: GFS Operational & Ensemble, ECM Operational, NAM & IBM GRAF.

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