Everything you need to meet your network automation requirements

IBM Cloud Pak® for Network Automation enables the automation of network operations so CSPs can transform their networks, evolve to zero-touch operations, reduce OPEX and deliver services faster. CSPs gain a range of enhanced capabilities, such as normalized lifecycle modeling, intent driven orchestration, service design and testing, dynamic service assurance, and closed-loop operations.


Lower costs, improve customer experiences and deliver 5G and edge computing services faster

Explore what you can do with AI-powered automation for hybrid cloud.

Normalized lifecycle modeling

Standardize operations for all xNFs to enable model-driven automation with CI/CD toolchains.

Intent-driven orchestration

Model the desired service operational state rather than pre-programming workflows.

Service design and testing

Automate services and underlying resources for test, pre-production and production environments.

Dynamic service assurance

Get a real-time view of telco cloud infrastructures using AI to drive decisions and process automation.

Closed-loop operations

Automate feedback loops between assurance and orchestration to enable zero-touch operations.

AI and machine learning

Gain insight across complex datasets to automate diagnostics, detect anomalies and initiate runbooks.

Automation foundation 

Shared components that power intelligent automation

A set of common AI and automation components power each intelligent IBM Cloud Pak and provide security-rich connections for business processes, app and data integrations, IT operations and networks — so you can build once and then reuse across your business and IT operations. Key components include

Process mining 

Create a visual representation of the data flowing through your business systems and baseline your operational KPIs.   

Task mining

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Find low-hanging RPA opportunities to improve workforce productivity.

Robotic process automation

Automate repetitive tasks by mimicking the actions of humans interacting with software applications

Unified asset repository

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Get and store reusable automation artifacts such as starters (e.g., prebuilt bots) and templates. 

Single event hub

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Process the business and IT event data from IBM Cloud Paks for Automation – in real time – to feed AI and machine learning.   

Red Hat® OpenShift®

Next steps  

Get ready to deliver new 5G and edge computing services faster while reducing your operational costs.