Announcing IBM Big Replicate 2.14

Minimize downtime when replicating data across environments

IBM Big Replicate is an enterprise-class data replication software platform that keeps data consistent in a distributed environment, on premises and in the hybrid cloud, including SQL and NoSQL databases. This data replication tool is powered by a high-performance coordination engine that uses consensus to keep unstructured data accessible, accurate and consistent in different locations. The real-time data replication technology is noninvasive and moves big data operations from lab environments to production environments, across multiple Hadoop distributions, and from on-premises to cloud environments, with minimal downtime or disruption.


Disaster prevention for virtually any environment

Disaster recovery and high availability through near-zero RTO and RPO helps ensure business continuity and data SLA compliance across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud migration with minimal downtime

Data replication to the cloud, designed for zero disruption, allows users to continue working on data — even during migrations at petabyte scale.

Data portability to avoid lock-in

Meet your current and future data replication needs, whether your data needs to live on premises or in a hybrid cloud model. Full data portability means you do not have to be locked in.

Key features

  • Highly available, highly accurate data
  • Automatic recovery after an outage
  • Protection from cloud vendor over-reliance
  • Full data portability
  • Unification of Hadoop clusters for data lake consolidation
  • Lower cost structure

Product images

Which option is right for you?

Big Replicate for Hadoop

Big Replicate for Hadoop enables real-time, multi-directional data replication between Hadoop clusters, even those with different distributions.

Big Replicate for Object Stores

Big Replicate for Object Stores enables real-time, multi-directional data replication from Hadoop clusters to object storage destinations.

Big Replicate for Hive

Add-on to Big Replicate for Hadoop; enables multi-directional replication of the Hive metastore, which stores metadata for all tables created in Hive.

Big Replicate for Security

Add-on to Big Replicate for Hadoop; replicates security policies between separate database policy provider instances, helping to ensure common policy enforcement.

Big Replicate for Backup

Add-on to Big Replicate for Hadoop; enables backup and data restoration capabilities that help minimize the risk of data loss from human error or cyberattacks.

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