IBM OMEGAMON for z/OS Management Suite highlights

Improved network performance

Use IBM® OMEGAMON® XE for Mainframe Networks to collect network performance management data across z/OS® systems. It can proactively monitor and manage network performance of z/OS system resources and mission-critical applications.

More efficient storage

Get storage monitoring, management and corrective action capability to prevent storage-related outages or performance problems with IBM OMEGAMON for Storage on z/OS. Your storage administrators can be much more efficient with intelligent alerts, targeted reporting, and linkages to related tools using a common interface and process. OMEGAMON for Storage on z/OS covers key hardware and software subsystems necessary to maintain a healthy, efficient z/OS storage environment.

Faster problem resolution

Display information from a variety of tools in one location, including IBM OMEGAMON monitors and third-party software with IBM OMEGAMON Dashboard Edition for z/OS. Build application views so you can monitor apps, including those across multiple platforms. You can locate the source of a problem affected by high-priority apps. Your IT staff and management are enabled to understand the impact of system events and make decisions quickly, efficiently and proactively across your enterprise.

Advanced monitoring

Monitor and manage network performance of system resources and mission-critical apps with OMEGAMON for z/OS. Get comprehensive cross-LPAR monitoring of address spaces, resources and storage monitoring. View your entire enterprise-wide environment from one screen in a graphical or 3270-based interface. Simplify setup and configuration of monitoring agents. Decrease the number of parameters and maintenance jobs so you can reduce errors and shorten the maintenance timeframe.

Monitor all Java Virtual Machines on z/OS

Enable your users to view all active Java® Virtual Machines (JVMs) from any subsystem or batch application within a single screen using IBM OMEGAMON for JVM on z/OS. Alert users about JVM performance issues to isolate and identify the cause of the problem. You can identify problematic thread and locking issues, and suboptimal garbage collection performance. You can also display CPU performance on both general and specialty processors, and drill down into detailed JVM environment information.

Technical details

Software requirements

See the latest software requirements at the link below.

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements are outlined by version in the software requirements link.

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