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What is IMS?

Learn how IMS helped put humans on the moon and where you can find IMS today.

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Fundamentals of IMS Database

IMS Database utilizes the hierarchical model. Learn how this improves processing speed.

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Fundamentals of IMS Transaction Manager - Part 1

Learn how IMS Transaction Manager (TM) is able to process over 100 thousand transactions per second.

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Fundamentals of IMS Transaction Manager - Part 2

IMS, using APIs, is able to interface with applications hosted on different platforms without code changes.

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IDC: The Business Value of the Transformative Mainframe

Learn how you can derive significant value from the mainframe ability to serve as part of a hybrid cloud environment.

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IMS Performance Paper: IMS with z/OS Connect Enterprise

Evaluation of IBM z/OS Connect EE V3 invoking RESTful APIs and an IMS 15 application calling RESTful APIs deployed on ZCEE.

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Announcement: IMS 15 helps build trust into transactions

IMS 15 delivers capabilities to manage risk, improve efficiency and simplify administration.

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IBM Enterprise COBOL Performance with IMS

Get performance results for IBM Enterprise COBOL and discover best practices for optimizing COBOL performance with IMS.

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IBM IMS: The world depends on it

IMS processes 265 billion transactions per day. Discover how—and how it can help you.

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IMS 15 Continuous Delivery Enhancements

Explore the latest enhancements delivered for IMS 15.

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Redbook Solution Guide: New approach to Analytics for IBM IMS data

Describes Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS and how it can exploit IMS data.

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