Use predictive analytics to continuously plan for app needs.

IBM® Cloud Brokerage Services Workload Planning is an intelligent application that gives you a framework to make faster workload placement decisions. This allows you to create and continually optimize your hybrid cloud strategy based on application needs and leverages the benefits of traditional systems and cloud. Workload planning includes assessing the relative value of each app’s possible move to the cloud and comparing cloud providers for a workload’s needs. You also receive an estimated bill of IT so you know the cost upfront. All this gives you a more accurate cost and benefit data before execution.

Accelerate your move to cloud

Prioritize migration of apps that would benefit most with a move to cloud.

Make faster sourcing decisions

Quickly identify the best technical and cost fit for an app through running scenarios.

Realize cost savings

Establish a multi-provider ecosystem that ensures true cost savings and avoids vendor lock-in.

Four components to planning a hybrid cloud deployment

  • Assess your workloads
  • Compare cloud providers
  • Estimate your bill
  • Make quick, informed decisions