Feature spotlights

Brandable Workspaces

Create multiple branded “Workspaces” for new projects or separate departments to share and exchange files and folders with an authorized group of users that need their own branded collaboration areas.

Configurable access and file permissions

Supports multiple permissions (download, share, edit) and user access levels for individual files and folders in a Workspace, all of which can be configured per user or group.

Comprehensive administrative console

Seamlessly and securely add external on-premises and cloud transfer nodes. Manage members in Workspaces, groups, users, and dropboxes. Monitor and report real time and historical activities and usage.

Any cloud infrastructure

Works seamlessly with all major cloud infrastructures to provide you the freedom to choose the best cloud platform for your business so it can securely move large collections of files and entire directories in, out and across cloud and on-premises storage

Direct-to-Cloud storage

The unique Direct-to-Cloud technology is the fastest way to move data to, from, and between all major cloud object storages, each of which has Aspera FASP natively integrated to deliver unrivaled transfer performance for any size transfer of files & data sets

Open, scalable architecture

Built on the universal high-speed Aspera Transfer Platform that can leverage all infrastructures & storage types, its multi-tenant architecture and Autoscale capability enable transfer node capacity sharing & dynamic, real-time scale out of transfer capacity

FASP® for maximum speed

The patented Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP) transport technology consistently ranks first in every network transfer throughput benchmark it is evaluated and ensures your large files and data sets move at maximum speed across global WANs

Built-in Security Model

Offers the most advanced security & user access controls yet using a secure access key system & private access for multiple organizations on the same platform via authentication of each user to the storage with a securely signed authorization token exchange

How customers use it

  • Secure content sharing for projects, groups & third parties

    Secure content sharing for projects, groups & third parties


    Enterprise users cannot securely and reliably share and exchange large files and folders with a variety of internal and external users, each of whom require different user access and file use permissions


    Aspera Files enables users to easily send and share files with any authorized individual or group in the default Workspace or within a private Workspace by simply selecting the item, the target user or group name, and the appropriate access level

  • Consolidated access to files stored in hybrid infrastructure

    Consolidated access to files stored in hybrid infrastructure


    Business have no single solution to access, manage and transfer content distributed across various on-premises and cloud storage systems, whether public or private


    IBM Aspera Files consolidates browsing across all shared content on local and cloud infrastructure, whether private or public, with a single management point combining authorization, user management, and access control

  • Collaboration enablement for globally dispersed teams

    Collaboration enablement for globally dispersed teams


    Users and teams located across the world are unable to send and share large files and folders quickly and efficiently


    Aspera Files enables faster, more efficient collaboration between teams that are spread around the globe by enabling them to easily send and share large files or entire project directories using a simple user interface

Technical details

Software requirements

The IBM Aspera Files software as a service requires a compatible web browser, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome

    Hardware requirements

    IBM Aspera Files is a software as a service that is accessed through the Internet. No customer-maintained servers are required beyond the user desktop machines used to access the service

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