What it can do for your business

Confident, straightforward analytics. Even the easiest of tools can seem complicated when you are envisioning how best to apply analytics to get the results you need. Working with IBM Watson Analytics Expert Storybooks is like having your own personal analytics mentor help you through the analytics journey end to end. Simply bring your problem and data and we take care of the rest — including interpreting results. Quickly review the insights from your data and communicate it with others in your organization. It’s that simple.
IBM Watson Analytics Expert Storybooks

Guided analytics templates

Each storybook is a packaged asset with data models, analysis, visualizations and insights focused on solving your specific business problem.

Smart explanations

Your analysis and results are explained in plain language so you can understand what you’re seeing every step of the way.

Experts at your fingertips

Experts are the storybook authors, so you are able to tap into their knowledge, experience and guidance easily.

Structure around analysis

You get the structure and help you need to envision and accelerate how to apply analytics to a given problem.