What it can do for your business

IBM® Content Integrator provides bidirectional, near real-time federated access to disparate content repositories. It helps you use content from multiple repositories, quickly develop customer service and business process management applications, and manage compliance needs. Ready-to-use connectors, federation and developer services can help you reduce application development and costs. Connectors are available for multiple systems including Lotus Notes and Microsoft Word as well as IBM Content Manager, WebSphere and z/OS.
IBM Content Integrator

Ready-to-use connectors

Provides connectors to help simplify application development and integration with in-house applications.

Records management and compliance

Includes IBM Enterprise Records (formerly FileNet Records Manager) capabilities to help you address, maintain and provide a record of compliance for electronic and physical records.

Faster time to value

Enables content-centric applications as well as capabilities such as search and retrieve. Reduces IT risk for applications that span disparate data repositories.

Integration with FileNet Content Manager

Works independently or, optionally, in combination with the Content Federation Services feature of IBM FileNet Content Manager.