Feature spotlights

Multi-tier application models

Using application models and snapshots, track which components make up an application so they can be deployed and tracked together.

Easy process designer

Orchestrate the deployment of applications by defining parallel and sequential activities using drag and drop functionality.

Deploy to public, private and hybrid cloud

Model cloud environments and how your applications are deployed to those environments in a simple graphical editor.

Track what is where: Inventory

The Inventory system tracks what is where and provides visibility into your applications, environments, and configuration.

Integrations replace custom scripting

Tested integrations are provided with dozens of tools to make the deployment process easier to design and less risky.

Scalable distributed automation

The architecture is designed to scale to meet enterprise requirements: high availability, horizontal scalability, quick response and tight security.

Quality gates and approvals

Ensure that only the right stuff goes out at the right time.

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