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Explore some of the most frequently asked questions about z/OS V2.5. 

z/OS Github page

Find and share z/OS files and resources not included with the product.

z/OS language environment

Run C, C++, COBOL, PL/I Fortran and assembler apps.

IBM Redbooks®

Getting started with zCX

Learn more about installing, tailoring and configuring zCX in your own environment.

Demystify data

Learn why IBM zSystems® is the ideal AI platform for solving user pain points.

Getting started with encryption

Learn how hardware and software components interact in a z/OS data set encryption environment.

What’s new in DFSMSrmm

See the latest enhancements to this fully functioning tape management system for removable media.

Getting started with zHyperLink

IBM zHyperLink for IBM z/OS makes it easy to accelerate transaction processing for the mainframe.

Getting started with resiliency

Explore the technology and built-in resiliency capabilities of the IBM zSystems platform.

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IBM zSystems and IBM LinuxOne Community

Join our rich community of business and technical expert blogs and forums for IBM z/OS.

IBM Developer Community

Access open-source projects, developer advocates and a global community of developers for IBM zSystems.