A smart path to productivity - IBM z/OS Management Facility

The IBM z/OS® Management Facility (z/OSMF) framework improves z/OS system programmer's productivity by using simplified, streamlined and automated tasks.  This easier-to-use functionality reduces both programmer training time and the learning curve.

The latest enhancements include:

  • The new Security Configuration Assistant task (Latest APAR: PH17871‭)
  • z/OSMF Desktop supports searching, browsing and editing data sets, USS files and directories (Latest APAR: PH16076)
  • Reduced z/OSMF startup time (APAR PH06678 and PH19227)


Simplify and modernize z/OS management

Browser based simplified and modernized solutions for z/OS system management such as Sysplex management, Incident management, Software management, Console operations, etc.

z/OS more approachable via REST APIs

Platform and language independent REST APIs help with writing your own program that manages z/OS resources such as data sets, UNIX files, jobs, operator commands, etc.

Streamline z/OS tasks

z/OSMF Workflows framework streamlines and automates z/OS tasks through step-by-step workflows with integrated support for JCL, REXX, UNIX shell scripts and REST APIs.

z/OS Management Facility features

  • Browser based, no need to manage client application
  • Https and SAF based, provide security
  • Single point of control across systems
  • Workflows simplify programmer tasks
  • Sysplex management has many views
  • z/OS operator console enables system interaction
  • Software management streamlines the process
  • Incident log streamlines diagnostics
  • Workload management tool helps allocate resources
  • Flexible performance resource monitoring
  • Capacity provisioning manages domain
  • REST data set, file services, jobs and console services