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Software that integrates z/OS-based services and resources into your private cloud

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IBM z/OS® Cloud Broker provides access to z/OS resources and services from Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, which enables you to integrate your z/OS infrastructure with hybrid multi-cloud environments and strategies.

IBM z/OS Cloud Broker integrates z/OS-based services and resources into your private cloud platform for a modern, cloud-native experience. This is the first software to provide access to z/OS services within private cloud platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift for consumption by the broader development community. 

It enables you to protect and use your IBM Z® investments through integration with your hybrid cloud environments and strategies. Your developers can quickly create, modernize, deploy and manage applications within the security of your firewall. 

What's new

Updates and fixes for IBM z/OS Cloud Broker

Benefits Cloud agility

Get self-service access to z/OS resources with no special skills required, driving innovation and value for your company.

Use existing IT investments

Integrate your existing IBM Z hardware/middleware resources. Protect the infrastructure investments running within your data center and the skills of the professionals supporting it.

Keep control of z/OS assets

Have 100% control over access and levels of use to all z/OS resources.

Integrate z/OS resources with Red Hat OpenShift platform

Get the services and resources of z/OS within RedHat® OpenShift®, a Kubernetes-based private cloud platform for building and running cloud-native applications and modernizing existing enterprise applications. Create connectivity from z/OS to an industry-standard K8s container runtime with an emphasis on simplicity, robustness and portability.

Use z/OS resources without needing special skills

Focus on rapid innovation with self-service access to z/OS resources, including service catalogs with customized services that use the multi-tenancy and rapid elasticity of z/OS. The broker also offers integration of IBM Z with distributed and open technology and tools, and a cloud platform designed to facilitate management and compliance for cloud-native application development.

Get the safety/security/control of on-premises private cloud

The broker integrates with your on-premises private cloud platform, controlled from behind your firewall and aligning with your organization's security and regulatory processes. All z/OS services are managed and developed for consumption by the IBM Z operations teams, while you keep full control over access and levels of use with z/OS configurable cloud security.

Use experience and trust in existing IT investments

The z/OS Cloud Broker runs on your existing infrastructure, protecting your investments in the infrastructure running within your data center as well as the skills of the professionals who support it. With z/OS Cloud Broker, you can access and deploy provisioned software services, made available through IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS, thereby using your existing investments in z/OS middleware.

Technical details
Operating environment

z/OS Cloud Broker requires a supported operating environment for deployment.

System hardware requirements:

  • x86 or Linux on IBM Z server that runs OpenShift Container Platform
  • EC12 or higher IBM Z hardware

System software requirements:

  • OpenShift Container Platform 4.12 or higher that runs on x86 or Linux on IBM Z
  • z/OS 2.4 or higher
Storage requirements

Each z/OS Cloud Broker instance has a persistent storage requirement.

OpenShift Container Platform deployment requirements

Installing Red Hat OpenShift Client command line tool is required.

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