What is z/Transaction Processing Facility?

IBM® z/Transaction Processing Facility (z/TPF) is a high-volume, high-throughput transaction processor, that can handle large, continuous loads of essentially simple transactions across large, geographically dispersed networks. But it is more than just a transaction processor: z/TPF is also an operating system and a unique database, all designed to work together as one system.

  • Fast, consistent responses, even during unpredictable transaction peaks
  • Manages up to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second
  • Low cost per transaction
  • Centralized database handling


Manage extreme volumes

Handle up to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second—and get fast, consistent response across predictable and unpredictable peaks.

Lower cost per transaction

Apply to large applications and memory tables using memory spaces based on IBM 64-bit z/Architecture.

Improve programmer productivity

Use centralized database handling routines to manage databases without affecting applications.


Enforce database organization standards, improve application program performance, and avoid program modification.

TPF Operations Server

Improve z/TPF system availability, reduce the number of unplanned outages, and automate operational processes.

TPF Toolkit

Utilize an integrated workbench to deliver powerful tools to your desktop with easy-to-use editors and wizards.

z/Transaction Processing Facility product family

  • z/Transaction Processing Facility Enterprise Edition (z/TPF)
  • z/Transaction Processing Facility Database Facility (z/TPFDF)
  • TPF Operations Server
  • TPF Toolkit