workflow of how it optimizes your resources

IBM Z Table Accelerator optimizes your IBM Z resources

IBM Z® Table Accelerator is ideal for organizations that need to get every ounce of power out of their mainframe systems in order to maximize performance and transaction throughput, while still minimizing system resource usage at the application level.

It allows for more powerful and efficient applications while lowering mainframe total cost of ownership and reducing operational spend. It can also help to increase the timeframe between upgrade capital expenses.


Batch processing optimization

Help processing by reducing the pressure considerably in many I/O (In/Out) - intense batch applications.

Increase in capacity

Use your legacy applications as the starting point for new data-driven applications with externalized business rules and logic, permitting agile development.

Reduction in resource usage

Your mainframe applications are able to process at an improved rate, using far fewer CPU, I/O, MIPS/MSU, or real and cache memory resources.

Controlled operating costs

Faster applications use fewer resources and cost less to run. Applied to several applications, this can save you 5%–10% on yearly operating costs.

Rules processing optimization

Maintain your business rules outside of legacy applications, from highly maintainable high-performance in-memory tables.

Lower cost per transaction

Sharply reduce the number of I/Os used by mainframe applications, significantly reducing the CPU cost associated with those transactions.

IBM Z Table Accelerator key features

  • Batch application and Online Transaction Processing accelerator
  • Agile market-reactive application solution
  • Virtual Table Share Manager
  • z/OS, Db2, and IMS version compatibility
  • Sysplex support