Conquer compliance drift. Speed audit readiness.

Compliance audits are often a major time drain, taking staff away from more pressing efforts to satisfying auditor’s demands and stitching together data from multiple sources. Fighting mainframe compliance “drift"—maintaining, updating and adding new processes for compliance—can be a costly effort. The new IBM Z® and LinuxONE Security and Compliance Center will help take the complexity out of your compliance workflow and the ambiguity out of audits.



Discover how you can boost efficiency

Keep data on platform

Regulatory controls are translated to be IBM Z and LinuxONE-specific.

Centralized dashboard

See progress with a consolidated view of baseline standards.

Native evidence writing

System-generated, time-stamped evidence for added security.

Enterprise-level compliance

Security and compliance management are driven by triggered evidence.

Customizable compliance frameworks

Adjust to your needs, validation thresholds, and specify scan timing.

Identify compliance misconfigurations

Sysplexes deliver and store compliant, relevant data.

Use cases

Continuous compliance

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Continuous compliance

Translation of regulations to IBM Z and LinuxONE-specific controls add clarity. A centralized, interactive dashboard displays baseline standards. Time-stamped evidence can be captured for a variety of industries.

Track success

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Track success

See how your new or changing business requirements could affect regulation compliance. Clear, jargon-free mapping to the regulations helps you control your business’ infrastructure.

Stay up-to-date

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Stay up-to-date

See how different regulations overlap or differ when it comes to security controls. You can automate the data-gathering process to save time and effort.

Prove compliance

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Prove compliance

Quickly gather trustworthy evidence that is time-stamped, immutable, and from a clear source. Compliance is shown over time, not just a snapshot, with a tool that “runs silently.”

Update for drift

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Update for drift

Attempting to maintain your mainframe compliance manually, in an antiquated, periodic, labor-intensive process is not worth the risk. Automation of compliance preserves budget and staff focus.

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