What can IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS do for you?

IBM Z® OMEGAMON® for CICS® provides detailed system monitoring and performance management for IBM Z® systems, including IBM zEnterprise®. It centrally monitors and manages IBM CICS transactions and CICS Transaction Gateway interactions with other applications.

It offers a 3270 user interface (e3270UI) that spans the IBM OMEGAMON family, delivering integrated views of the environment into a single screen.

IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS can also be purchased as part of IBM Z Monitoring Suite and IBM Z Service Management Suite — a single tool set for the management of z/OS environments.


Find problems fast

Take fewer steps to find the cause of a CICS performance problem—and increase availability.

Improve visibility

Group CICS regions into CICSPlex® reporting groups for simplified reporting. Use CICSPlex System Manager (CPSM) definitions or define CICSPlexes with simple rules.

Save time

Use capabilities such as self-describing agents and IBM Z Monitoring Configuration Manager a simple batch installation toolkit to quickly deploy the entire OMEGAMON family from a simple batch process.

Conserve MIPS

Execute Service Level Analysis component of IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS on IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) to save mainframe’s million instructions per second (MIPS).

Dynamic tracing

View detailed bottleneck analysis or dynamically enable application tracing for active tasks to capture lopping tasks or cross-region application transaction traces.


  • Proactively manage performance & availability CICS TS and TG
  • Understand application and system events
  • Monitor asynchronous transactions
  • Make inflight changes to storage areas
  • Benefit from powerful program-tracking diagnostics
  • Understand VSAM usage statistics
  • Enjoy a simplified deployment process
  • Get alerts about key performance indicators
  • Seamlessly integrate with OMEGAMON monitoring family