Proactively manage performance & availability CICS TS and TG

IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS delivers resource monitoring and performance analysis for CICS Transaction Server for z/OS and CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS. With intuitive workspaces, operators and CICS domain experts can monitor and manage CICS tasks and resources to find and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Understand application and system events

IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS helps operators and domain experts see and understand application and system events within a single interface. Utilize the CICSplex Application Trace page to obtain CICS request details that applications have made, and the CICSplex Event Processing attributes to quickly understand the events CICS is processing at that point.

Monitor asynchronous transactions

CICS domain experts can remain confident that they are able monitor CICS TS asynchronous transactions with IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS. When tasks are using asynchronous processing, and there is a high response time, the user can view if a task uses asynchronous processing and can find all other tasks that are related by asynchronous processing. With this feature, the user can monitor the performance of asynchronous transactions in real time, and also in history.

Make inflight changes to storage areas

View and modify CICS Task Storage Areas, in-flight with IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS and quickly fix task storage problems from within the enhanced user interface.

Benefit from powerful program-tracking diagnostics

IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS enables domain experts to track programs, providing a list of all CICS programs used by a task, with CPU time, elapsed time and other statistics for each program, to quickly determine excessive execution and general performance.

Understand VSAM usage statistics

Be informed when CICSplex VSAM data sets allocated to CICS regions are experiencing string waits or excessive control interval (CI) or control area (CA) splits, before they adversely affect CICS performance.

Simplified deployment process

Deploy and manage your OMEGAMON deployment faster through a reduction in required address spaces, configuration steps and parameters—coupled with automatic discovery of system properties during the deployment process.

Key performance indicator alerts

Quickly gain insight into current performance through product-provided situations that track key IMS metrics.

Seamless integration as part of OMEGAMON monitoring family

Simplify monitoring and management with a single-view of the mainframe and subsystems.

Technical details

Software requirements

See the link below for the latest software requirements.

Hardware requirements

Hardware requirements are outlined by version by following the Software Requirements link.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.