Access analytics data in minutes

IBM Z® Common Data Provider is a solution that makes IBM z/OS® data available to your analytics platform(s).

It gathers data from multiple sources (140+ data sources are supported including all standard SMF records, RMF, syslog and applications log types like CICS®, IMS™, Netview and more). It then streams that data in near real time or in batch to one or more destinations.


Gain fast access to insights

Access available near real-time data for an ongoing health check of your enterprise and identify an early warning system with predictive analytics tools.

Improve analytics flexibility

Supply data to IBM analytics solutions or the analytics platform of your choice, including Splunk and Elastic Stack.

Expand consumable options

Send data to multiple destinations in different formats for different consumers - filter to send only the required data to authorized consumers.

Reduce cost and effort

Load SMF data directly into IBM Db2® Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) to reduce CPU processing and storage requirements. Balance CPU usage by using reclaimed space or space from non-production systems.

IBM Z Common Data Provider features

  • Single collection point
  • Streaming or batch mode
  • Intuitive web configuration tool
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Optimized data ingestion into Splunk
  • Extensible with new data types