IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect features

Extend APM tools to include assets running on z/OS

APM solutions provide you with visibility, control, and automation of your hybrid cloud applications to ensure optimal performance and efficient use of resources. Z APM Connect pulls your Z data into these tools and extends APM visibility to the mainframe while optimizing for lightweight performance.

Fully monitor critical hybrid-cloud applications from mobile-to mainframe

With rapid adoption of complex hybrid cloud applications spanning mobile devices, public cloud and on-premise environments, an application-centric view has never been more critical to quickly isolating application issues and avoiding war rooms. You'll have a complete view of everything you run in one single location.

Enable a definitive view of Z workloads using the modern APM of your choice

In the past, APMs only provided visibility into cloud application data. Z APM Connect integrates with modern APMs like Instana and AppDynamics to take a holistic approach to monitoring your Z workloads.

Proactively identify and resolve critical end-user issues

For many organizations, application complexity has gone so far that it’s overwhelmed the capabilities of talented engineering and IT teams. Tracing the root of an issue is becoming increasingly critical as complexity grows, but you'll now have access to detailed visual references that enable your team to diagnose and correct critical issues in minutes, not hours or days.

Bridge the gap between your application and Z teams with problem isolation 'breadcrumbs'

Whether you are a seasoned SME or a non-Z application owner, our intuitive visuals allow anyone to isolate a problem. We give the APM user visibility into Z transaction-level details such as CICS region name or program name that they can use to better communicate an issue with the Z SME. Better communication means fewer war-rooms and little to no downtime to avoid a crisis.

Obtain metrics from your critical subsystems and environments

Learn more about supported subsystems and transaction support here.

What was previously a mainframe black box has transformed to multiple layers of visibility as transactions hop between z/OS Connect, CICS, and IMS to backends like IMS DB, Db2, and VSAM. Z APM Connect can surface some key metrics for these hops like response time, call count, ABEND codes, and more. Obtain transactional data and details from IBM CICS, IMS, CICS Transaction Gateway, Db2, and z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition.