IBM Z Anomaly Analytics
IBM Z Anomaly Analytics is software that helps proactively identify operational issues and avoid costly incidents by detecting anomalies in both log and metric data
Proactively identify and avoid operational issues


In today’s digital environment, you need your key services and applications to always be available. For enterprises with hybrid applications which include IBM Z®, detecting and determining the root cause of hybrid application issues has grown more difficult with rising costs, skill shortage and changing user patterns.

IBM Z Anomaly Analytics provides you with the intelligent anomaly detection you need to proactively detect operational issues.

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Build a model of normal operation for your environment across multiple IBM Z subsystems including, Db2®, CICS®, MQ®, IMS®, and z/OS® as well as IBM Z log data.


Analyze real-time operational data in comparison with the model of normal operations to detect anomalous behavior and filter non-critical data to advance, rewind and zoom into specific time intervals.


IT operations are notified of anomalous behavior to proactively identify incidents that might lead to business disruption.


Get anomalous details with topological context to quickly isolate the anomalous activity and interpret its impact.


Anomaly events and topology are correlated with enterprise events and data to understand hybrid application impacts and quickly resolve incidents when integrated with IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.

IBM Z Anomaly Analytics key features
Metric-based anomaly detection and visualization

IBM data scientists have derived a set of IBM Z® subsystem-specific key performance indicators that can be used to detect operational anomalies within those subsystems. IBM Z Anomaly Analytics currently supports Db2®, CICS®, MQ®, IMS®, and z/OS®.

Integrated log anomaly detection

Log anomalies are detected when the frequency, occurrence or sequence of messages differ from the messages observed during normal time periods and are visualized alongside metric-based anomalies in the included problem insights server. Users are able to quickly visualize the details of the message that triggered the anomaly, to determine its potential impacts.

Topology service and hybrid correlation

Discovered topology service helps users quickly visualize and correlate anomalous activity across their z/OS subsystems and applications. When IBM Z events and topology are consumed by the IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, they can be correlated with events from the rest of the enterprise, helping users more quickly determine the incident impacts and the root cause of operational issues across their hybrid applications.

Accelerate AIOps with intelligent anomaly detection and real-time operational analytics

This webinar highlights how to avoid costly incidents with intelligent anomaly detection and accelerated hybrid service.

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