What IBM XL C/C++ for z/VM can do for your business

IBM® XL C/C++ for z/VM® is an optimizing compiler designed for developing large, complex, computationally-intensive applications.

IBM XL C/C++ for z/VM is the language centered C/C++ application development environment on the z/VM platform. It is a z/VM-enabled version of z/OS XL C/C++, which includes a C/C++ compiler component (referred to as the XL C/C++ compiler) and some C/C++ application development utilities.

IBM XL C/C++ for z/VM lets you write C and C++ applications that are optimized for IBM Z® systems hardware.


Optimize application performance

Supports high-order transformations, which are optimizations that improve performance for loops; also support OPTIMIZE(3) or OPT(3), the compiler's highest and most aggressive level of optimization.

Migrate applications easily

Conforms to the ISO/IEC 9899:1999 international standard (C99), the ANSI/ISO 1998 C++ standard, and a standards-conforming C compiler and includes the C++ Standard Library.

Simplify the porting of applications

Supports industry standards to simplify the porting of applications to z/VM from both IBM and non-IBM platforms.

IBM XL C/C++ for z/VM key features

  • Extensive optimizations
  • C++ standard library
  • Unicode literal support
  • Compatibility with the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
  • Deeper pointer analysis
  • Saved option string feature
  • Message severity modification support
  • Debug support