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A powerful workload analysis tool that includes log list, log compare and response time utilities, and reduces demands for terminal hardware and operator time
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IBM Workload Simulator for z/OS® and OS/390® is a terminal and network simulation tool. It can simulate a network of terminals and its associated messages. 

IBM Workload Simulator for z/OS and OS/390 can be used to determine system performance and response time, to evaluate network design, perform functional testing and automate regression testing. It is used as a basic tool in a comprehensive test plan to increase the effectiveness of system testing by providing a structured and systematic approach to all phases of system testing.

User guide

Workload Simulator for z/OS and OS/390 guide (second edition)

Benefits Test process guide

Guides you through the test process, helping you develop test cases, automate test runs and analyze results with Workload Simulator Test Manager.

Support of multiple clients

Provides support for SNA, CPI-C (LU 6.2), Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Telnet 3270, 3270E and 5250 clients, Telnet line mode network virtual terminal clients, FTP clients and client applications that run on top of TCP/IP.

Simulated SNA logical units

Simulates SNA logical units while running an IBM VTAM® application program.

Flexible script-generating utilities

Features flexible script-generating utilities such as a structured translator language (STL), interactive data capture (IDC), a NPM/LU2 reformatter and script generator.

Extensive runtime utilities

Includes extensive runtime utilities such as Workload Simulator/ISPF interface, display monitor utility, runtime reports and ITPECHO.

Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Workload Simulator provides native support of multiple client applications that run "on top" of TCP/IP; that is, TCP/IP handles all routing and delivery between the Workload Simulator host and the system under test. Workload Simulator implements its connection to TCP/IP on the local host by using the macro API.

System Network Architecture (SNA)

SNA logical units (LUs) can be simulated by Workload Simulator while running as a VTAM application program. General support is provided for LU types 0 to 7, with special support for the LU 2, LU 3, LU 6.2 and LU 7 data streams.

Common Programming Interface Communications (CPI-C)

The expanded SNA portfolio provides CPI-C (LU 6.2) transaction program simulations to test existing LU 6.2 applications, execute stress or performance testing and test applications still under development.

Workload Simulator Test Manager (WTM)

WTM guides the user through the test process. WTM can help users develop and manage test causes, automate test runs and analyze results. For even more flexibility, WTM offers three modes of operation that control the amount of interaction the user can observe through Workload Simulator.

Testing with Workload Simulator

Flexible generation of scripts

The flexible generation of scripts include STL, Interactive Data Capture (IDC), NPM/LU 2 Reformatter and Script Generator.

Script generating utility programs

Extensive runtime support

Workload Simulator offers various utilities for users as they test their networks, including ISPF Interface, Display Monitor Facility, run-time reports and ITPECHO

Post-test analysis

Workload Simulator provides the utilities to analyze test results, including loglist, log compare and response time.

Technical details

Requirements for installing IBM Workload Simulator depend on the equipment and the resources to simulate. 

Software requirements

IBM Workload Simulator for z/OS® and OS/390® requires one of the following operating systems:

  • IBM z/OS Version 1 (5694-A01) or later
  • IBM OS/390 Version 2 release 10 (5647-A01) or later
Hardware requirements

IBM Workload Simulator for z/OS and OS/390 can run in any hardware environment that supports the listed software.

Installation and system requirements MVS requirements

Review the requirements for installing and running Workload Simulator in an MVS™ environment. On MVS, Workload Simulator runs in virtual mode (V=V) or real memory mode (V=R).

General requirements

Review the general requirements for running Workload Simulator in an MVS environment. It lists the installation requirements for using the programs, interfaces and facilities provided with Workload Simulator.

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