Find the combination that works for you

IBM® WebSphere® Hybrid Edition allows you to optimize entitlements to maximize budgets. Use your subscription to choose from three deployment options: WebSphere Network Deployment, WebSphere Base, and Liberty Core while also using Mono2Micro and Transformation Advisor to assist in your modernization efforts.

Pricing options

Features and capabilities

Runtime options IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment IBM WebSphere Application Server Base IBM Liberty Core
Provides 1 VPCs of WAS ND
Provides 4 VPCs of WAS Base edition
Provides 8 VPCs of Liberty Core

What is it?

A runtime environment for large-scale and mission-critical application deployments, offers near continuous availability and intelligent management capabilities.

A flexible, secure Java server runtime environment for enterprise applications, provides advanced performance, redundancy and programming models.

A lightweight production runtime for rapid web and cloud-based application development and deployment.


All the capabilities of WebSphere Application Server, plus:

  • Clustering and high availability in virtual machines
  • Intelligent management
  • Full integration with z/OS platform
  • Full applications and session caching support

All Liberty Core, plus:

  • Support for Open Liberty, WebSphere Liberty and traditional WebSphere in production
  • Java EE and Jakarta EE Full Platform, and MicroProfile compliant
  • Compatibility APIs to simplify Application Modernization
  • Jakarta EE Web Profile and MicroProfile for web apps and Microservices
  • Low memory, high throughput
  • Container and Kubernetes optimized
  • CI/CD native with Liberty Zero Migration and Continuous Delivery