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Modernize your Java runtime, operations, and architecture to achieve a secure and sustainable infrastructure.
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What is it?

In today’s competitive market, digital transformation is at the heart of success.  Leaders are prioritizing investments that rapidly future proof their businesses. Successful digital transformation requires business and IT systems to be secure, sustainable, and minimize technical debt.  Technical debt burdens the business with security weaknesses and inefficient resource utilization. To minimize technical debt, an effective modernization strategy is critical. 
Whether your organization is maintaining, modernizing, or building new cloud-native Java applications, IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition is your solution. IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition provides a comprehensive collection of application runtimes and modernization tools. This will allow you to cost-efficiently modernize your Java runtime, operations, and architecture.

Increase WebSphere ROI
Impact 70% Reduce time spent on code deployment

Decreased time for Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.

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>99% Reduce app modernization and migration efforts

Reduced full deployment cycle for FlowFactor.

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50% Infrastructure utilization

Improved server utilization for Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.

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Use cases

Runtime Modernization Upgrade your existing application runtimes to a single modern cloud-native runtime with minimal impact to the applications. 6 reasons why Java Runtime Modernization Webinar

Operational and Architectural Modernization Utilize AI and automation tools to modernize your existing applications to leverage the operational and architectural benefits of cloud-native containers. IBM CIO App Mod Journey Sustainable modernization webinar

Cloud-Native Development Build new cloud-native applications with WebSphere Liberty as a highly efficient runtime for container and Kubernetes-based deployments. Explore WebSphere Liberty

IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition wins top awards on TrustRadius and G2
G2 recognizes IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition as a Leader in building, deploying and modernizing applications. Find out why and read the reviews
Client success stories

See how IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition helps run, modernize and create new Java applications


FlowFactor helped a transport provider modernize apps and cut deployment times >99% with WebSphere Hybrid Edition.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, saw an opportunity to find new ways to modernize applications.


PowerM works with more than 90% of the organizations in Morocco that run IBM WebSphere applications—helping them to protect, modernize and optimize their technology platforms.

Resources Bridge the app development gap

Modernize development with one of the most flexible, security-rich and reliable platforms available.

Liberty: InstantOn

InstantOn with Liberty offers a better solution, without any compromises.

Java Application Modernization Playbook

Explore a step-by-step example of how you could modernize your applications.

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