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Automate operational activities to proactively reduce security risk and accelerate threat remediation
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What is IBM WebSphere Automation?

Automate IBM® WebSphere® operational activities to proactively reduce security risk and accelerate threat remediation. Remove the labor-intensive manual work from your operations team's workload to ensure continuous security compliance with automated vulnerability assessment, tracking and remediation. Manual tasks and inadequate visibility hamper the ability to deliver a strong security posture.

IBM is offering WebSphere Automation to simplify the way operations teams work. Automate your existing IBM WebSphere security and operational activities to reduce the cycle time of threat remediation and minimize your threat exposure. Leverage automation to protect your business and most critical assets so your teams can focus on the work that matters the most.

Use cases
Proactive CVE protection Ensure continuous security compliance with automated vulnerability assessments, tracking and remediation of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). Read the blog on overcoming security vulnerabilities

Reduce time to resolution of disruptive memory leaks Get the insight needed to resolve memory leaks without burdening your operations team. Read the blog on solving memory leaks faster

Automated inventory tracking for WebSphere An accurate, single source of truth across deployment environments. Track all your WAS and Liberty servers from a consolidated dashboard. Read the blog on gaining new efficiencies
See how WebSphere Automation helps boost operations and security Modernize IT operations

Transform the management of middleware technologies.

Focus on your security posture

Identify Log4j and other critical security vulnerabilities with WebSphere Automation.

Be proactive, not reactive

Be prepared for industry-disrupting security vulnerabilities, like Log4j/Log4Shell.

Capabilities Discover the value of IBM WebSphere Automation software Security-rich operations

Detect and act on risks automatically to promote continuous compliance.

Single dashboard

Get proactive about risk and improve response time.

Automated notifications

Notify teams of new incidents and vulnerabilities and their impact across the environment.

Feature walkthrough

Explore how WebSphere Automation helps administrators understand and maintain WebSphere security more efficiently.

WebSphere Automation dashboard Monitor your WebSphere inventory and see overall real-time security posture, patch status, and notifications at a glance. WebSphere Automation works with traditional WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Liberty.
Filter by CVE Let’s start by filtering the view by common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE).
Filter servers by vulnerabilities Filter the dashboard to exclusively view servers that have corresponding CVE(s).
Filter by CVE results Two servers with different levels of risk have been identified as affected by the CVE that you selected. Now, let’s look at the applied iFixes for the first affected server on the list.
View applied iFixes View the list of iFixes that have been applied to a server, consolidated on a single screen, in this case for WebSphere name01.
View server details This screen gives access to detailed information for specific servers.
Server details Here the operator can see the WebSphere and JDK versions as well as all of the applied iFixes and relevant CVE(s) for this server, which is at a high risk level today.

Security alerts The security alerts tab provides immediate and consolidated access to critical information that is fundamental to maintaining secure operations. 
View all security alerts On this screen, each CVE is ranked by risk level and shown with the corresponding affected servers so that the highest risks and their impact are listed at the top, ready for resolution.
Affected servers Two servers in this screen have been identified as impacted by this CVE and labeled with the appropriate risk level.
View affected servers The dashboard is now filtered to show servers that have been identified as affected by that specific vulnerability.
Next steps

Discover how you can automate operations to quickly unlock value, improve security, resilience, and performance with IBM WebSphere Automation.

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