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Relevance. Accuracy. Scale.
Weather data is one of the most powerful signals a marketer can use

Built with data from the world’s most accurate forecaster overall1 and combined with industry-leading IBM AI technology, The Weather Company Weather Targeting enables marketers to build a weather strategy that anticipates and responds to consumer behaviors and emotions based on the proven impacts of weather.

Putting weather into action can help brands:

  • Understand shifts in consumer behaviors and predict their needs
  • Tell their stories at the most relevant moment
  • Personalize messages without using traditional identifiers
  • Earn consumer confidence by partnering with The Weather Company and The Weather Channel, one of America’s most trusted brands
Weather is more than just temperature

In weather, nothing is more important than an accurate and complete understanding of the data and the science behind it, which is why we analyze past, present, and future weather information to establish differentiated seasonal baselines.

The results are actionable targeting insights into how people’s activities, health and buying behaviors are influenced by weather conditions, allowing for hyperlocal ads that encourage consumer action based on the current weather’s impact on moods and behaviors in that specific area.

Triggers are updated every 15 minutes based on condition mix, temperature, season and time:

Condition mix

Over 30 weather variables across 44,000 zip codes within their respective 6 seasons.


Because weather is local and feels different based on location and time of year, we also divide the data into seven conditional ranges that vary by season.


Normalized data based on what is considered typical for time of year in 6 “seasons.”


Recent, current, forecast and seasonal data to add context. Meaning, is there suddenly a big shift from one point in time to another that can contribute to the experience.

How it works AI reveals insights

IBM technology analyzes weather variables, sales data and anonymized third-party data across over 41,600 zip codes in the United States—and an increasing number of international territories—to identify patterns of relevant consumer behaviors. 

Insights define triggers

The insights developed from this data analysis reveal a dynamic picture of consumer responses to weather and create campaign triggers based on those understandings.

Triggers drive outcomes

These triggers activate media in near-real time across zip codes experiencing the optimal mix of conditions that influence consumer behaviors and drive outcomes.  

The result

An automated, targeted data solution that is predictive, privacy-forward and accessible across the advertising ecosystem.

Opportunities   Looking to improve message relevancy?

Relative-conditions-based triggers activate on various forms of weather, including current condition mixes for inclement weather, hot and humid weather, air quality, pollen count and more.

Looking to influence consumer behavior?

Activity-based triggers connect with consumers during known condition mixes that align with desired behaviors, such as in-store shopping, outdoor activity and food delivery.

Looking to drive purchases?

Product-based triggers are built from third-party sales data from sources like iRi and Nielsen to identify the optimal mix of conditions that lead to sales.  

Looking for consumers in need of cold, flu or allergy relief?

Reach likely health & wellness consumers based on privacy-forward signals, such as anonymized patient reports, sales data, academic journals and medical reports.

Where to activate The Weather Company Weather Targeting can activate in platforms marketers already use today — on The Weather Channel digital platforms and outside of walled gardens.   DSPs for display, video, OTT/CTV, audio Search and social Out-of-home Dynamic creative Data partnerships 
Client stories Walgreens raises in-store traffic by nearly 380%

Knowing that consumers use weather information to manage treatment of medical conditions, the brand took advantage of The Weather Company solutions to reach and engage consumers when and where symptoms were flaring up or prescriptions were most likely to be filled.

TruGreen surpasses benchmarks during critical spring window

Leveraging artificial intelligence with The Weather Company Conversations and Weather Targeting, TruGreen was able to recommend personalized lawn care plans for consumers.

Ice cream brands increase sales by 26%

Two leading ice cream brands came to The Weather Company with the goal of driving moms and kids to purchase their ice cream during the summer season.

Let’s talk about weather strategy

Weather impacts your business. Let’s explore how you can harness its influence to better understand consumer behaviors, predict consumer behaviors and personalize messages at the most relevant moment.

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1  Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2020 (commissioned by IBM)