Harness the power of weather-triggered advertising

IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting combines the power of weather’s ability to drive emotion and action with IBM’s AI capabilities to model and train algorithms. This turns the relationship between weather, location, and complex data sets like health conditions, product sales, and consumer activity into actionable, proven solutions, without relying on third-party cookie data.

Weather is a relative phenomenon. A forecast of 50 degrees in one city may not cause the same behavior as it would in another. Rather than relying solely on temperature or other basic factors, each Weather Targeting trigger uses machine learning to improve resonance by recognizing what the weather “feels like” and how consumers in that specific area are likely to react.

Two women dressing differently for 50 degree weather depending on their location.

Deliver on campaign goals and objectives

Weather Targeting only serves relevant weather ads to consumers based on the projected impact of upcoming weather conditions in a defined area.

Enhance message relevance and resonance

Ensure your message will resonate by triggering weather advertising and marketing only when optimal conditions are present.

Improve brand perception

Help your brand’s weather-triggered advertising campaigns remain compliant. Our solution requires no third-party cookies, identifiers, or other personally identifiable information.

Key features of Weather Targeting

The combined power of weather-triggered advertising and AI

Weather meets AI to create an advertising solution that delivers messaging when and where it matters most, based on weather’s proven ability to drive emotion and action, with no third-party cookies or identifiers required.

Advertise with maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Weather Targeting triggers messaging only when and where specified weather conditions are present, powering campaigns that reach the right audience with minimal waste, in a brand-safe solution that requires no third-party cookies or identifiers.

Weather-triggered ads across the digital ecosystem

Weather Targeting triggers are available nearly anywhere online, including programmatic display platforms, search, social media, video, connected TV, and digital out-of-home.

Weather ads and much more

Weather Targeting features triggers related to current, forecast, and historical weather conditions, including relative conditions. You can also reach consumers with triggers focused on Product Sales, Activities, and Health - all categories inherently and statistically impacted by weather. With over 500 triggers that can be activated across 42,000 ZIP codes, there's no shortage of ways to reach your consumers through the contextual lens of weather.

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