Use weather insights to make proactive decisions

Weather impacts every business, every day, from flight delays and crop loss to insurance claims and retail sales. Yet most organizations can’t quantify the impact it has, and they can’t take the necessary action as a result.

Organizations across all industries can manage their responses ahead of time and help improve the accuracy of their forecasting with a better understanding of how the weather influences their business. With these insights at their disposal, decision makers can adjust staffing and resource allocation, alter supply chain or production strategies, and become more proactive in reaching out to customers.

Benefits of Weather Signals

Reveal new business insights

Weather Signals quantifies the relationship between weather and your key business metrics such as product category sales, store foot traffic and service center calls, providing new business insights.

Improve business forecast accuracy

By identifying the influence of weather on key business metrics and then applying this insight to the short-term weather outlook, you can more accurately forecast business outcomes.

Optimize plans and operations

Using AI-driven weather insights from Weather Signals helps you optimize plans around staffing, resource allocations, supply chain strategies, production schedules, customer outreach and more.

Key features of Weather Signals

  • Identify areas of your business most sensitive to weather
  • Anticipate weather conditions impacting business performance
  • Improve forecast accuracy with short-term weather outlooks
  • Enhance demand planning accuracy with seasonal forecasts

Weather Signals in action