What Weather InSight can do for your business

Weather InSight applies AI technology to help you create a mobile weather experience that is relevant, understandable and catered to your users’ specific interests. Every time someone launches your weather alert app, Weather InSight gathers highly localized content to deliver a dynamic, personalized weather tour. This way, upcoming weather forecasts will always engage and cultivate loyal users. Find out more about this mobile SDK solution and trial offer here.

Increase audience engagement

Generate hyperlocal weather stories that are personalized for each user’s preferences, location and time. Content is automatically prioritized based on the projected impact and relevancy to the user.

Drive local brand loyalty

Incorporate your on-air talent and station branding into video content and audio push alerts, which can then be used to explain how the weather may affect local events, and traffic.

Increase ad revenue

Integrate sponsorships, banners or pre-roll ads into your mobile weather alert app, so you can monetize your content more effectively.

Feature spotlights


AI technology examines conditions in each user’s specific location and prioritizes how weather items are displayed based on the projected relevancy, impact and urgency. It also takes into account the users’ unique interests and previous browsing activities.


Every Weather InSight session is customized for each user’s specific location based on the most accurate data available. You can also incorporate your trusted on-air talent into video and audio content to explain how upcoming weather may affect your area.


The AI-driven solution helps you streamline the mobile weather experience by only presenting the most relevant, impactful information so your users don’t need to sift through a clutter of weather information.

Built for monetization

The solution is designed to allow seamless integration of sponsorships and advertisements into your mobile weather forecast application.

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