Predict the creative that will drive consumer action

You deserve to make your digital creative as flexible and effective as possible. Advertising Accelerator is a new approach to dynamic creative optimization for display, video and OTT. No lengthy manual setup or preset rules. Instead, let artificial intelligence do the decisioning and deliver personalized, high-performing creative at scale. Advertising Accelerator leverages IBM Watson machine learning to make sense of real-time consumer engagements and cookieless data signals to predict the best creative for each user or household, helping you not only achieve campaign success but also uncover meaningful creative insights.

Advertising Accelerator collects information about consumers who access advertising and other content through its technology partner Artsai. You can view the Artsai Privacy Policy here: (link resides outside of

Efficient activation

Reduce the resources and time dynamic creative takes to set up and assemble, letting AI do the work and allowing your team to focus on higher-value projects.

1:1 personalized creative at scale

Assemble user- or household-specific ad variations in real time that drive consumer action.

Real-time, predictive optimizations

Automatically predict the most effective creative for each user or household based on the likelihood of them converting against your digital KPI.

Superior performance, robust insights

Surpass your digital benchmarks and discover the creative assets and messages that work best with different audiences.

Key features of Advertising Accelerator

Scalable creative production support

Whether you already have numerous assets to test or need help on creative strategy and development, IBM’s award-winning Creative Lab provides the level of support you need to ensure a successful creative setup. Plus, leveraging IBM for creative design and production comes at no incremental cost.

Optimize campaigns against any digital action

Drive upper and mid-funnel digital campaign goals with Advertising Accelerator, from video completion rate to app installs to site actions to e-commerce. When optimizing against secondary conversions, IBM provides a cookieless pixel for cross-platform media measurement, allowing Watson to train, learn and predict the optimal creative for your specific goals.

Deploy across your digital ecosystem

Personalize display, pre-roll and OTT creative, buying the media direct or via your preferred programmatic partner.

Uncover insights within our analytics dashboard

The easy to use and secure The Weather Company Analytics Dashboard is where your campaign insights come to life in real time, including both high-level trend reports and line-item and creative asset-specific performance.

How Advertising Accelerator works

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