Leverage weather analytics to better understand consumers

It is increasingly challenging to access and apply high-quality weather data and analytics sets, which are critical for unlocking growth in any business. Weather is, and has always been, a proven, and privacy-friendly predictor of consumer behavior - but can be challenging to action on given its complexity.

Weather Analytics empowers brands to make better decisions based on the weather with data and analytics packages that are easily available in cloud-based exchanges.

Spend less time improving the quality of your data

Off the shelf packages leverage weather data from the world’s most accurate forecaster (The Weather Channel) which is 3.5x more likely to be the most accurate of any provider studied.

Streamline access to the right weather data

Easily access and onboard weather data and analytics through cloud-based exchanges. Prepared packages provide curated data sets based on common needs in your industry so you can save time.

Deliver meaningful insights to businesses

Weather impacts business because weather impacts consumers. By using IBM Watson Advertising Weather Analytics brands can uncover meaningful insights to help identify growth opportunities.

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