What is the software prerequisite for using IBM Wazi Developer for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces (IBM Wazi Developer)?

OpenShift® V4.3 or later is required. IBM Wazi Developer is delivered as an add-on to IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, but IBM Cloud Pak for Applications is not, itself, a pre-requisite.

What's the difference between IBM Wazi Developer and existing offerings, such as IBM Developer for z/OS and IBM Z Development and Test Environment?

IBM Wazi Developer has a collection of capabilities that will make up an end-to-end cloud native developer experience for z/OS® that is optimized to run on OpenShift. The specific IBM Wazi Developer capabilities, Code and Sandbox, are a subset of the capabilities that IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition and IBM Z Development and Test Environment offer today.

These different offerings can be used together. For example, if you already have Z Development and Test Environment, and you have a strategy of working with OpenShift, you can use your existing licenses in conjunction with the Code capability of IBM Wazi Developer. Similarly, if you already have IBM Developer for z/OS licenses, you can use those in conjunction with the Sandbox capability of IBM Wazi Developer.

How is licensing handled?

IBM Wazi Developer is offered by the Virtual Processor Core (VPC) licensing metric (as is the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications) — one VPC of IBM Wazi Developer to five Authorized User Single Session (AUSS) of Sandbox or five Authorized User (AU) of Code. The VPC metric gives you the flexibility to deploy and redeploy any capability within IBM Wazi Workspaces.

What is unique about IBM Wazi Developer and Z DevOps?

This is the only solution that provides a full stack of z/OS development capabilities on OpenShift and that is certified by Red Hat® and IBM. It gives developers the ability to have a dedicated development and testing z/OS environment optimized to run on OpenShift and provides the flexibility to rebalance licenses over time.

What if I am an IBM Developer for z/OS customer and developers on my team prefer working in VS Code?

VS Code Extensions and Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces IDE are included in the Enterprise Edition of IBM Developer for z/OS.

To get an easy, no charge trial of the COBOL, PL/I, and HLASM editing experience in VS Code, install IBM Z Open Editor. Assuming that IBM z/OS Explorer with Remote Systems Explorer is installed and configured, the RSE API can be added to enable IBM Z Open Editor to connect to z/OS through IBM Remote System Explorer to work with z/OS resources. The combination of the new Remote System Explorer API in conjunction with IBM z/OS Explorer, IBM Z Open Editor, Zowe Explorer, and Zowe CLI offers an alternative to z/OSMF for working with MVS files, JES jobs, and UNIX files in VS Code.

From there, if you like the experience, and are interested in augmenting it with the full capability  which adds User Build and integrated debugging of COBOL and PL/I applications with Z Open Debug, please click Book a Consultation to learn more.