Key features of IBM Wazi Developer

Essential z/OS developer capabilities

IBM Wazi Developer offers essential developer capabilities that include edit, build, and debug across a choice of popular integrated development environments – Microsoft® VS Code™, Eclipse®, or Red Hat® CodeReady Workspaces.

Modern debugging via the IBM Debug for z/OS

Learn more about IBM Debug for z/OS

Work with breakpoints and variables, step through code, and modify registers and variables for COBOL and PL/I programs within VS Code, Eclipse, or Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces, using the IBM Debug for z/OS®.

Modern editing experience for COBOL, PL/I and Assembler

Get modern editor features including code completion, code snippets, real-time syntax checking, copybook navigation, outline view, and refactoring, plus syntax highlighting for editing JCL.

Enable familiar and fast builds and deployments through integration with modern SCM’s such as Git. Additionally, using the Intelligent Build feature provided by IBM Dependency Based Build, developers can build their applications natively with any flavor of Git as the SCM, and integrated debugging allows them to use IBM Debug for z/OS directly from within the IDE.

Personal z/OS sandbox environment on Red Hat OpenShift

Get a personal, containerized development and test environment optimized to run on the Red Hat OpenShift platform, plus provisioning tools that synchronize build artifacts to keep the sandbox up-to-date.

Standard CI/CD Pipeline

Automate pipeline delivery with modern tools and standard processes across platforms.