IBM Wave for z/VM features

Simpler virtualization

IBM® Wave for z/VM® is intuitive virtualization management software that provides management, automation, administration and provisioning of virtual servers, enabling automation of Linux virtual servers in a z/VM environment. Wave helps simplify administration and management of Linux guests, is designed to integrate seamlessly with z/VM and Linux environments, and helps administrators view, organize and manage system resources.

Intelligent visualization

IBM Wave for z/VM has an intuitive and content-rich user interface to help organize and display complex virtualized environments. System management is easily learned and reduces the dependence on z/VM experts. Define and control network, storage and communication devices, and view servers and storage utilization graphically with customizable views.

Unified management

IBM Wave for z/VM helps you to monitor and manage your system from a single point of control. The low maintenance agentless discovery process detects servers, networks, storage and more. Instantly provision, clone and activate virtual resources, optionally using scripts for additional customization. Perform routine management tasks with ease, and assign and delegate role-based administrative access with an audit trail of all activities performed.

Ideal platform for virtualization

IBM Wave as a virtualization management tool for Linux on IBM Z® systems or LinuxONE™ offers tremendous opportunities for a cost-effective highly virtualized environment. Linux on IBM Z systems and LinuxONE provides an outstanding virtualization solution combined with z/VM virtualization, IBM Wave for z/VM, and other technologies such as Spectrum Storage with IBM GPFS™ (General Parallel File System) technology, magnifying the value of the overall solution.

Technical details

Software requirements

  • Client workstation: Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 with Java® V1.8 (64-bit)
  • Manage to: RHEL5, RHEL6, RHEL7, RHEL8, SLES10, SLES11, SLES12, SLES15, Ubuntu 16.04
  • z/VM: V5.4, V6.2, V6.3, V6.4, V7.1 (note only V6.4 and V7.1 are in service)
  • Wave server: RHEL6, RHEL7, SLES11, and SLES12 with dependency packages.

Hardware requirements

See a list of IBM Mainframe requirements below.

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