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Lighten your team’s workload with Orchestrate

IBM watsonx Orchestrate, powered by LLMs, is here to help by bringing generative AI and automation to every business domain across the enterprise.

  • Delivers conversational AI and automation capabilities to transform how work gets done while increasing productivity, lowering costs and improving agility. 
  • It's personalized with the skills to support the work of your teams, using the tools they already use.
  • Use purpose-built AI assistants for quick and easy task completion and complex processes facilitated  by engaging natural language experience
  • Empower domain experts to create customized AI assistants with a low-code builder, supporting diverse enterprise functions like HR, Finance, Sales, and Procurement.

Build your AI assistant with Orchestrate to streamline your team's efforts and reclaim your day.


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watsonx Orchestrate assessment

Answer a few questions to find out where you are in your journey to AI and learn how watsonx Orchestrate can benefit you best.

Benefits Increased productivity

Streamline your work by letting your AI assistant automate tasks, find information and simplify complex processes. Orchestrate saves you time and effort so you can focus on high impact work.

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Improved accuracy

Get accurate, relevant answers grounded in your business content and working context. Use natural language to interact with Orchestrate and complete tasks across your existing systems with confidence that the right information is found and the next best step is being taken.

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Better business results

Orchestrate helps you automate high value workflows and complex processes by integrating various AI models, data sources, and business applications so you can accelerate data-based decision making with accuracy and efficiency.

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Orchestrate's prebuilt skills Orchestrate uses natural language processing to draw from a catalog of basic and advanced skills to execute on your requests—in context and in the right order. No specialized training is needed. Get started in minutes using prebuilt skills designed for you and your needs. See the prebuilt skills

Discover and build custom skills Build custom skills with the skills studio. With the Skills Studio, you can build your own skills and workflows quickly and easily and leverage existing investments in tools by discovering automation within Orchestrate and putting them to work across the organization. Explore the skills studio

Orchestrate connects to various apps Orchestrate connects to your various apps and tools to work seamlessly across Salesforce, Workday, Outlook, Gmail and other tools to accomplish tasks in a simple, no-code interface. No API? Seamlessly connect external systems using robotic process automation (RPA). Explore integrations

Create conversations that matter Easily build your AI assistant with helpful conversations that help end users accomplish the tasks they want, get the information they need when they need it and recommend useful next steps. Explore the AI Assistant Builder

Use cases
Department Human resources  The Human Resources department is one of the most important and complex components of any business, responsible for finding, recruiting, and training top talent as well as administering employee benefit programs. Give your team the tools they need to onboard and support great hires, so they can put the "human" back in human resources. Discover how Orchestrate aids human resources
Department Procurement IBM watsonx Orchestrate helps procurement professionals streamline vendor, contract and order management value chains through procurement automation and conversational AI. Orchestrate helps procurement teams boost efficiency and strategic sourcing with seamless system integration, making procurement your competitive advantage. Discover how Orchestrate supports procurement
Department Sales Sales professionals have to balance repetitive administrative tasks with building client relationships and progressing business deals. From automating lead qualification to enhancing interactions with prospects and existing customers, watsonx Orchestrate can help boost seller productivity through each stage of the sales cycle. Discover how Orchestrate helps sales
Client stories Tricon Steamship Agency, Inc

Discover how Tricon Steamship Agency, Inc is orchestrating efficient imports and exports with IBM watsonx.

Avid Solutions

Learn how a search and development firm is using Orchestrate to help reduce errors and alleviate operational burdens.

Comparus GmbH

Learn how Comparus is using AI to achieve innovative process orchestration with a conversational “banking assistant.”

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