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Skills in IBM watsonx Orchestrate

IBM watsonx Orchestrate automates your time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on the work that matters most to you. When you engage Orchestrate with a request, it might use a simple skill (add a row to a table), or build on a complex collection of skills (find contacts, create a table of those contacts, and then send an email to them) needed to accomplish that piece of work.

Orchestrate’s prebuilt skill set

When you rely on Orchestrate to employ these prebuilt skills, you free up time to collaborate and innovate. The skills catalog in watsonx Orchestrate contains 1000s of prebuilt skills to help you accomplish a wide range of tasks. This is a small sample of the skills available today but there are many more ready to use in the product. 

Application integration services Amazon SNS
  • Create a subscription
  • Create a topic
  • Delete a subscription
  • Delete a topic
  • Get all subscriptions
  • Get all topics
  • Publish a message to the topic
  • Update a subscription
  • Update a topic
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Amazon SQS
  • Create a queue
  • Delete a queue
  • Get all queues 
  • Purge a queue 
  • Put a message on a queue
  • Update a queue
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Business spend management Coupa
  • Create an expense report
  • Get all expense reports
  • Get all inventory transactions
  • Create an invoice
  • Get all invoices
  • Get all purchase orders
  • Create a remit-to address
  • Get all remit-to addresses
  • Create a supplier
  • Get all suppliers
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Business planning and performance management Anaplan
  • Download file content
  • Modify file content
  • Get all actions
  • Get all action tasks
  • Get all dimensions' IDs
  • Get all line items
  • Get all lists
  • Get all list items
  • Get information about the files
  • Get information about the models
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Candidate sourcing Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Create a job requisition
  • Update job requisition
  • View the job requisition
  • View job requisitions
  • View external job description
  • Update external job description
  • View internal job description
  • Update internal job description
  • Add a skill to job requisition
  • Find candidates
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SAP SuccessFactors
  • Talent Acquisition - Add Screening Question
  • Talent Acquisition - Create a Job Requistion
  • Talent Acquisition - Find Applicants
  • BHRM - Approve a transfer request
  • BHRM - Reject a transfer request
  • BHRM - See all pending transfer requests
  • BHR - Create a position
  • PM - Create a location and job transfer without pay change
  • PM - See the details of all employees
  • CPM - See all pending manager change requests
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Candidate sourcing with ThisWay Global
  • Create a job
  • Find Candidates for a Job
  • List existing jobs
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Activate or deactivate attracting candidates using ThisWay Global
  • List jobs currently attracting candidates
  • List jobs eligible to attract candidates
  • Start attracting candidates
  • Stop attracting candidates
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  • Add or update a job description
  • Add or update a candidate's skills
  • Freeze or unfreeze a job requisition
  • Find candidates
  • Post a job
  • Schedule an interview
  • View positions by supervisory organization
  • View open job requisitions
  • Submit background check
  • Submit an interview feedback
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Communicating and collaborating Calendly
  • Create an organization invitation
  • Create single-use scheduling link
  • Retrieve event invitees
  • Retrieve account details
  • Retrieve event types
  • Retrieve scheduled events
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  • Send an email
  • Send email to candidates with Gmail
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Microsoft Outlook
  • Create a calendar event
  • Create reply to a message
  • Delete a calendar event
  • Retrieve calendar groups
  • Retrieve calendars
  • Retrieve mail folders
  • Get all groups, users, members and message replies
  • Send email
  • Update a calendar event
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Microsoft Teams
  • Create channel
  • Create a chat message
  • Create a reply to message
  • Delete channel
  • Get all channels, groups, members and messages
  • Retrieve chat messages
  • Retrieve chats
  • Send a chat message
  • Send a message to channel
  • Update channel
  • Update a team
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  • Get all users
  • Retrieve channels
  • Send a message
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Data visualisation Microsoft Power BI
  • Create goal
  • Retrieve workspaces
  • Retrieve workspace users
  • Retrieve datasets
  • Retrieve dataset user access
  • Retrieve dataset gateways
  • Retrieve dataset to dataflow links
  • Retrieve dataset data sources
  • Retrieve gateway data sources
  • Retrieve gateway data source users
  • Retrieve goals
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Directory and identity management Microsoft Entra ID
  • Create domain
  • Create user
  • Retrieve administrative units
  • Retrieve users
  • Retrieve groups
  • Retrieve devices
  • Retrieve users and groups from administrative unit
  • Retrieve domains
  • Retrieve users and group members from group
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File sharing and hosting Amazon S3
  • Create a bucket
  • Create an object
  • Copy an object
  • Delete an object
  • Get all buckets
  • Get an object content
  • Get all objects metadata
  • Update or create an object
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  • Copy a file
  • Upload a file
  • Delete a file
  • Retrieve file content
  • Retrieve the file metadata
  • Update the file metadata
  • Copy folder
  • Create folder
  • Delete a folder
  • Retrieve folders
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  • Create a file
  • Download the content of a file
  • Get details about files
  • Retrieve folders
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Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  • Copy a folder
  • Create a folder
  • Delete a folder
  • Move a folder
  • Rename a folder
  • Get all folders
  • Get all drives
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Microsoft OneNote
  • Append a note
  • Create a notebook
  • Create a section
  • Create a page
  • Download page content
  • Get all notebooks
  • Get all pages
  • Get all sections
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Microsoft SharePoint
  • Create a file
  • Create a folder
  • Create a list
  • Delete a file
  • Delete a folder
  • Delete a site
  • Download a file
  • Update a file
  • Update a folder
  • Update a site
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Human resources information system bambooHR
  • Create an employee
  • Create a time tracking record
  • Create an employee dependent
  • Get all benefit deduction types
  • Get all employee dependents
  • Get time tracking records by ID
  • Get all employees
  • Update an employee dependeny
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Managing customers Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • Create an applicant, customer, employee, operation or project
  • Create a prospect
  • Create a sales agreement
  • Delete an applicant, customer, employee, operation or project
  • Get all applicants, customer groups, project groups, employees or projects
  • Get all legal entities
  • Get all customers
  • Get all operations
  • Get all prospects
  • Get all sales agreements
  • Update an applicant, customer, employee, operation, or project
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Create an account
  • Update an account
  • Create a contact
  • Update a contact
  • Create a case
  • Update an invoice
  • Create a lead
  • Update a lead
  • Create a case enrichment
  • Update a case topic summary
  • Create a conversation tag
  • Update a sales tag
  • Create an opportunity
  • Delete an opportunity
  • Update an opportunity
  • Create a product
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  • Create an account
  • Create an asset
  • Create a case
  • Create a contact
  • Create a campaign
  • Create a lead
  • Create an order
  • Create a case comment
  • Download the content of a file
  • Get all accounts
  • Get all assets
  • Get all contacts
  • Get all cases
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  • Add an attachment to incident
  • Create an asset
  • Create an incident
  • Create a comment
  • Create a department
  • Create a knowledge article
  • Create a system user
  • Create a ticket
  • Delete an asset
  • Delete a department
  • Delete an incident
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Twilio Flex
  • Retrieve call details by ID
  • Retrieve call details
  • Retrieve incoming phone numbers
  • Retrieve message by ID
  • Retrieve messages
  • Retrieve message services
  • Update call details
  • Send message by phone number
  • Redact message
  • Send message via messaging service
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Zendesk Service
  • Add a tag
  • Create a ticket
  • Create an asset
  • Create a person
  • Create product
  • Create a ticket comment
  • Create a user
  • Delete a product
  • Delete a person
  • Delete an asset
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Marketing automation platform Microsoft Power BI
  • Add a lead to list
  • Create a lead
  • Create an opportunity
  • Delete an opportunity
  • Get all campaigns
  • Get all leads
  • Get all lists
  • Get all opportunities
  • Update a lead
  • Update an opportunity
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How Orchestrate works 
Market-leading apps Integrations To perform requested tasks, Orchestrate integrates with the key apps you use every day to access the capabilities within them. See integrations
Do I need to know which skills are required to complete a task?

When you make a request, Orchestrate automatically executes an action based on the systems you connect to with your credentials. All you need to do is ask.

Do I have to start from scratch with every request, every time I interact with Orchestrate?

When you initiate tasks, Orchestrate saves basic knowledge about your previous requests so you can quickly pick up from where you left off and it can deliver faster results. And you don’t have to repeat yourself.

How will I know when new skills are available?

Make sure to opt into our email communications to get notifications directly into your inbox of all the latest additions. You can also check out this page to see the ever-growing list of new capabilities.

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