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Boost sales professionals’ productivity and performance

The sales department is one of the most high-pressure, fast-moving areas of your business. Sales professionals have to balance repetitive administrative tasks that are necessary but time-consuming and they often lack easy access to accurate data-driven insights for developing a targeted sales strategy.


What if your sales team had the ability to effortlessly delegate administrative tasks and seamlessly access information and insights by simply chatting with a single, integrated application? From automating lead qualification to enhancing interactions with prospects and existing customers, IBM watsonx Orchestrate™ can help boost seller productivity through each stage of the sales cycle.

Customer benefits
Faster results in each stage of the sales cycle

Eliminate delays caused by manually finding customer opportunities; reduce decision-making time by matching customers to new products automatically; reduce the time needed to vet multiple product offers.

Unified customer data and 360-view

Streamline access to customer data to seamlessly find, analyze and act upon insights in real-time, freeing up your sales team to manage customer relationships.

Automate administrative tasks

Power your AI assistant with skills by leveraging existing automation or building new automations to delegate manual tasks and reduce errors.

Sales solutions
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Move your sales team away from repetitive tasks and disconnected customer data and systems, and streamline the sales process with watsonx Orchestrate. Powered by LLMs, generative AI and automation, Orchestrate is here to help sales professionals across each stage of the sales process, from engagement to proposal and closure.

Orchestrate helps sales professionals in better understanding product options, quickly finding the right product offer that fits client needs, accelerating RFP completion, easily finding information on pricing, submitting deal support requests and more.

Buyer experience

Orchestrate helps drive intelligent interactions for customers through conversational AI experiences and contributes to creating outstanding customer support by providing immediate assistance and response to customers.

Orchestrate interacts with customers in natural language, helping them navigate your brand's products and services and enhancing the quality and speed of their interactions. Orchestrate is personalized with skills and a 360-degree view into client data and insights to support building strong client relationships and maximize the insights gathered from each client interaction.

Lead and opportunity management

What if you could streamline the management of your critical sales processes? IBM watsonx Orchestrate helps assist your sales team in recognizing new opportunities, eliminating delays and enhancing the quality and speed of sellers interactions with customers. Through a natural, conversational experience, Orchestrate is able to invoke advanced skills that leverage generative AI and automation to help your sales team identify, progress and close opportunities more quickly and easily.

How Orchestrate works
Skills and integrations Orchestrate uses natural language processing to draw from a prebuilt and custom catalog of skills to execute tasks specific to key human resources (HR) processes. This is enabled by integrating with the apps that your HR department already relies on.

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Prebuilt skills What can Orchestrate do? It can create a job description template, share it with the hiring manager, notify you of input, provide a matching candidate list, tell you when qualified candidates apply, and send an introductory message. And that’s just the beginning. Explore the skills catalog

Custom skills By using any OpenAPI, you can create and publish automations as skills into Orchestrate. From there, your teams can use natural language processing to access and run automations at scale. Combine internal systems, third-party tools and out-of-the-box skills to accomplish endless use cases across your business. Learn how custom skills work

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