Welcome new hires with a smooth onboarding process
IBM watsonx Orchestrate's automation skills and API integrations let you seamlessly tackle the many onboarding tasks required for new employees
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Engage new hires with grace

Onboarding requires human attention and care. And a lot of paperwork. IBM watsonx Orchestrate automates time-consuming, repetitive business processes and frees you up to introduce new hires to your company seamlessly and with clarity.

Benefits Efficiency

IBM watsonx Orchestrate can set up accounts and scheduling training sessions and welcome emails, saving you time to engage the new team member.

Standardization and consistency

IBM watsonx Orchestrate can standardize the experience for each new employee, ensuring that each new hire receives the same level of attention and information.

Powerful human impact

By offloading automatable tasks to Orchestrate, HR professionals can deliver more powerful human-centric impact for employees and the company.

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How IBM watsonx Orchestrate can help

Congratulations! You’ve just hired a new employee. Onboarding means both welcoming them and introducing them to their new teams as well as ensuring they complete their paperwork. When you receive a signed offer letter, you send additional forms, solicit identification documents, and follow up to ensure forms are signed in a timely manner.

Using automation and API integrations, Watson Orchestrate takes on the burdensome repetitive tasks of sending, receiving and following up, as well as transferring information to databases your company uses. 

Meanwhile, you spend time responding to new hires’ inquiries on a human level, connecting with them and facilitating their relationships with the company and their new team members.

Orientation might include sharing the employee handbook and the organizational chart, introducing new hires to people they will be working with and helping them enroll in payroll programs and benefits plans. 

With Watson, you can automate sharing resources so that every employee has the same experience. You can use natural language to schedule introductory meetings for new hires with the people on their team. Watson can even track employee engagement with payroll and benefits systems. 

You make sure all new hires are on target to meet their onboarding goals, while you get to know them, answer their complex and nuanced questions and help them feel valued and heard.

Job training directly impacts the success of your new hires and can determine rates of turnover in your organization. Watson can integrate with your learning management systems so that new hires complete trainings in a timely manner, without you having to do a lot of handholding. 

You train employees you oversee and communicating your expectations.

Once a new hire is trained, they become a full-fledged employee and engage with your company’s growth and management systems. As part of the HR team, you might be responsible for how and whether managers set clear expectations to new team members, or for how they conduct monthly or quarterly check ins or reviews.

Using natural language, you can ask Watson to remind managers about to schedule and follow up about 1:1 conversations, so new employees can grow as needed, freeing you up to ensure longevity in the employee lifecycle as well as to enhance employee retention and engagement strategies.

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